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Test Server Patch - Iteration 13 - 19 May 2021

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Iteration 13

Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk!

As some of you might be aware, we have two servers that all players can freely join:

  1. The main server where everyone plays on.
  2. A test server that has card and map balance iterations, work in progress features and where everyone has all cards and maps unlocked. New content first goes to the test server before it reaches the main server. We have a Discord server dedicated to discussing these balance changes. To join the test server you simply need to launch LauncherTest.exe located in your BattleForge installation folder. 

The test server works with iterations and starting from now we plan to also share the patch notes of the test server iterations here. Keep in mind that none of these changes are final and that they might change before they go into our main server. If you would like to read more about these changes, check out the aforementioned balancing Discord. Also do keep in mind that the test server usually has multiple versions of a card for testing purposes.

Anyways, without further ado, our last balance iteration from 19th May, 2021. These are also added to the wiki page: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing


---------- General card changes ----------

  • Increased Max Charges for the following units
    • Bandit Lancer 20 -> 24
    • Fallen Skyelf 8 -> 12
    • Fathom Lord 8 -> 12
    • Magma Spore 16 -> 24
    • Mutating Maniac 8 -> 12
    • Sun Reaver 8 -> 12
    • Swamp Drake 8 -> 12
    • Twilight Creeper 12 -> 16
    • Twilight Hag 12 -> 16
    • Unstable Demon 12 -> 16
    • Virtuoso 8 -> 12
    • Vulcan 8 -> 12

------------ PvE card changes ------------

  • Altar of Chaos
    • Removed the Bomb restriction that prevents you to place it close to enemies. Still can't be placed next to enemy walls.
  • Frost Shard
    • Added Nature Affinity with increased max dmg by 880 on all upgrades.
  • Ironclad
    • Added Green and Purple affinity. Changed attack speed from 4 sec to 3 sec, increased range (20m -> 25m) and duration (15sec -> 20sec) of ability.
  • Shatter Ice
    • Added Shadow Affinity with reduced Cooldown from 30 to 20 seconds. Additionally, both affinities will now deal damage against frozen buildings.
  • Thugs
    • Added Fire Affinity with new Passive "Overwhelming: The unit will join a gang with other Thugs within a 25m radius. When being surrounded by at least 3 Thugs, all incoming damage will be spread equally among all members relative to each units current life points. None of the units can die as long as the group still has more than one life point left. Additionally, affected units take 15% less damage."
  • Unity
    • Removed the effect on allies.
  • Void Maw
    • Added Purple Affinity with changed Ability from Kill target to 10000 true damage.


----------- PvP card changes -----------

  • Altar of Nihil
    • Added Red affinity with -1200 Life Points on each upgrade, increased Cost from 80 to 110 and initial cooldown to U3. Also changed the benefit of U3.
  • Backlash
    • Reduced cost from 130 to 120.
  • Bandit Gunner
    • Reduced Cost for both affinities from 110 to 100.
  • Bandit Lancer 
    • Increased life points by 60 on all upgrades.
  • Crystal Fiend (green)
    • Reduced Self Healing from 30 per second to 25 per second.
  • Drones
    • Added Purple affinity with cost from 120 to 100, life points from 1800 to 1750 and damage reduced by 160 on all upgrades.
  • Dryad
    • Changed the dmg reduction aura from friendly to own units.
  • Frost Sorceress
    • Reduced ability cooldown from 10 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • Global Warming
    • Reduced the cost of both affinities by 15 on all upgrades and reduced the range from 25 to 15 meter.
  • Gladiatrix
    • Reduced ability cost by 20 on all upgrades and made it possible to use her ability on friendly units.
  • Icefang Raptor
    •  Added additional ability which gives him swift when shielded. Also increased his splash damage and increased life points from 895 to 900.
  • Lyrish Knight
    •  Increased damage from 400 to 440.
  • Magma Hurler
    • Increased splash radius of attack from 5 meter to 8 meter.
  • Magma Spore
    • Added purple affinity with removed splash damage and increased single target damage from 160 to 200. Also fixed description of attack speed.
  • Master Archers
    • Added Green, Red and Blue affinity with different stats.
  • Mountain Rowdy
    • Added Red and Green affinity with size dmg from M to L, cost from 55 to 60, life points from 860 to 800, range of ability from 20 to 30 meter, reduced self dmg reduction of ability by 25% on all upgrades and added a slow effect for enemies within the aura of his ability.
  • Satanael
    • Decreased Cost from 220 to 210, decreased ability cost from 100 to 65 on U3 and amount of snapjaws from 3 to 2 and ability cooldown from 60 to 40 seconds on all upgrades. Adjusted upgrade description.
  • Skyelf Templar
    • Reduced life points by 150 on all upgrades.
  • Skyelf Sage
    •  Increased life points from 975 to 1040, increased damage by 120 on all upgrades and changed bonus damage from L to XL.
  • Sun Reaver
    • Increased damage from 1000 to 1100.
  • Swamp Drake
    • Increased damage from 1500 to 1650 and reduced ability cost from 30 to 20.
  • Timeshifter Spirit
    • Increased chain healing from 240/120/60/30/15 to 320/160/80/40/20 on all upgrades.
  • Void Storm
    • Increased cooldown from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Unstable Demon
    • Added purple affinity with Ragin Demon ability. Loses 500 life points to gain increased movement speed and rotation speed for 5 seconds.
  • White Rangers
    • Adjusted the description of the blue affinity and changed the normal version so that it deals full damage to buildings aside from wells and monuments.
  • Winter Tide
    • Added Purple and Green affinity. Melee units can now still move at walk speed during the effect.


------------- Card bug fixes -------------

  • Grove Spirit (green)
    • Prevent the use of the active ability on other Grove Spirits including herself. This was done to remove unintended chaining of the ability which results in unexpected behavior.
  • Changed damage of certain abilities from true damage to normal damage (purple Forest Elder, Grim Bahir and purple Gemeye).
  • Rageflame (red)
    • Fixed a bug that causes his normal attack to damage either units or buildings.
  • Wintertide (red)
    • Fixed a bug which causes the damage buff to apply on melee units for unlimited time.
  • Warlock (Green)
    • Now properly buff units to deal extra Damage against Frozen Units.
  • Made Bloodthirst and Unity (green) healing stackable with every other regeneration abilities in the game (other will follow).
  • Grim Bahir/Infect
    • Fixed a bug that causes the game to crash when Grim Bahir or Infect spawns a crawler when there is no ground nearby.
  • Nether Warp
    • Units teleported by Nether Warp won't be disabled from using other means of teleportation besides nether warp anymore.
  • WIldfire
    • Added one damage to U1-Upgrade of Wildfire to now show +0 (was taken from U0, so U3 stays the same).
  • Aura of Corruption
    • Gave Aura of Corruptions ability back its name.
  • Parasite Swarm
    • Fixed damage description of Parasite Swarm (-2 shown damage).
  • Mo
    • Description of Mo cut to better represent the recent changes to wrathful Mo.
  • Forest Elder
    • Description fix for Forest Elder U0 (now properly only 30 seconds runtime).


------------- Card class fixes -------------

  • Abyssal Warder Medium (frost)
    • Changed class from ranged to melee.
  • Bandit Sorceress (both affinities)
    • Now properly have their affinity classes (for the crystals).
  • Units summoned by Corsair
    • Now properly have their affinity class.
  • Deathglider
    • Now properly has the demon class (for eliminator).
  • Brannoc
    • Lost its elemental class (other legendary units do not have that one either).
  • Units summoned by Sunken Temple
    • Now properly have the melee class.
  • Easter egg
    • Now properly has the melee class.
  • Eliminator
    • Now has the ogre class instead of human and their proper affinity class.
  • Amii phantom
    • Now has ranged and melee class (like Fire Stalker).
  • Mo (promo)
    • Now properly has the melee class.
  • Lost Dragon and their revenants
    • Now is of class dragon and not undead.
  • Lost Horror revenant
    • Now properly has their affinity class.
  • Mutating Maniac
    • Now properly has demon class.
  • QueekQueek (not super pig)
    • Now properly has melee class instead of ranged.
  • Ravenheart (+promo)
    • Now properly has ranged class.
  • Razorleaf (promo)
    • Now has the male class (same as the normal Razorleaf).
  • Rogan Kayle (promo)
    • Now properly is melee class.
  • Twilight Slaver (both affinities)
    • Now properly has ogre class.
  • Treespirits summoned by Viridya (promo)
    • Now properly have the melee class.
  • Twilight Creeper (both affinities)
    • Now properly has melee class.
  • Twilight Hag (both affinities)
    • Now properly have their affinity classes.
  • Viridya
    • Removed spirit class and gave ranged class (now same as promo Viridya).


---------- Card description changes ----------

  • Snapjaws (Promo)
    • Changed Edition from Renegade to Amii Edition.
  • Earthkeeper
    • During the application duration of his Ice Shield, the shield is no longer constantly refreshing its strength. It will also now properly give shields to the 3 closest allies (itself and 2 others).
  • PvE Ocean Deathray
    • Now properly shows ammobar.
  • Mountaineer
    • Now shows the hidden ammo generation used for its attack and ice shield, so one can better use the card. Additionally U0 now also has the Glacier Shield for consistency with the shown ammo system.
  • Viridya's Treespirits
    • Don't show an Icon for their regeneration anymore since it's part of the unit and is not removed under any condition (they now behave like Werebeasts regeneration).
  • Northstar
    • Upgrade Description is now consistent with other ability gains.
  • Root Nexus
    • Now also has accelerated construction => construction time 20/15/10/10 -> 20/10/10/10, power cost 30/30/30/30 -> 35/35/30/30.
  • Added the Slow ability to Construct, Construct Promo, Ravenheart, Ravenheart Promo, Battleship, Deathray (and make it lose it on U3), PVE Oracle Deathray and Deepfang (both affinities).
  • Added a missing "." at the end of the sentence of the slow description for Magma Fiend, Moloch and War Eagle.
  • Eliminator
    • Now shows reduction in life point loss on U1 and U2.
  • Twilight Bombard
    • Now is a Tower and not a device.
  • Makeshift Tower
    • Fixed class in Russian to "tower".
  •  Nasty Surprise
    • Fixed a typo on a damage value.
  • Drones and Ripper
    • Fixed a typo in class name.
  • Battleship
    • Renamed ability to fit naming convention "Full Speed Ahead!".
  • Corsair
    • Streamlined ability priority for showing on the card and gave the U0 inspirational Call in the process (starts at 25% at U0 and then goes to the normal 30% at U1).
  • Amii Monument
    • Changed the benefit given by U3 to make it more consistent with other upgrade descriptions (reduces general power cost by 20 and not ability cost, values on U3 stay the same).
  • Bandit Launcher
    • Gave the firebug ability an animation and made it align with the destruction of the tower (now both after 2 seconds and not after 2 and 3).
  • Glyph of Frost and Glaciation
    • Consistency for white spaces in upgrade description.
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