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Card Destruction System

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is it possible for u guys to implement some kind of card destruction system? I like to keep my collection tidy, and at this point i have a lot of common cards that cant sell on auction since they all go for 3bfp. So i have to put a lot of auctions up every second day just for them to not get sold. It would be awesome if we were able to destroy cards we dont want/need, and maybe get 1bfp for that no matter the rarity, or maybe small amount of gold, or maybe nothing, just so i can keep my collection neat and tidy.

Thank you!

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On 5/27/2021 at 12:22 AM, AmUnRA said:

quicksell for 1 bfp - problem solved.

That would be the easy way (as in easy to use), but sounds good to me! If it's also easy to implement, why not^^


However, I'd prefer a reroll system based of raritys - as example: put in 10 common cards, get one random card that has a 50% chance to be uncommen and 1% chance to be rare. And so on for other raritys. 

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