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Hello there! i have a question about "multiaccounting"

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hello community!
i live in a household with my small brother and his friend in a community and we all study together.
after testing out the game before the "new account" situation i showed the game to the boys and they loved it (:
the thing is they only use a tablet/very cheap laptop with onboard graphics for studying and they can only play at my gaming pc if they want to....
they were playing from my account before to try it out but i wanted to ask if there is any possibility for them to make own accounts and play from my computer? but of course with own email address and data....

help please ! (:

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As long as there aren't any one sided trades and mails this normally isn't a problem. If you still get caught by our multiaccount system, you can ask for an unban. Maybe also send us all of those account names and e-mail addresses via Discord @SR Staff Mail. So we can note them down in our database. Please do not send those addresses here for privacy purposes.

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