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Very new player. Need a deck to build for a regular pve

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New player here. I really like both shadow and frost orbs, so would love suggestions to both pure shadows and frost, or the lost. I pulled harvester and lost spirit ship, aside from that I only have standard cards and 800 bfp.

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I can give my advice on a budget lost souls deck with shadow as the starting orb. I'll share what I consider the most useful cards that are also relatively cheap. I won't talk about pure shadow since you need a bunch of very expensive cards (500+ bfp each) to make it work, and I don't have a lot of experience with pure frost.


Card names will be a hyperlink to the wiki for reference.

T1 (1 shadow orb):

Units: Nox Trooper is well worth the 100 bfp and their ability allows them to focus critical targets or CC small units since they knock them down. 5-10 of them will get you through most camps just fine, even on advanced. Nightguard (40-100 bfp depending on affinity) can be incredibly useful in some maps due to her ability to take control over enemy units. Some maps spawn L mobs to attack you and she can steal most of them. She turns hostile after you use the ability but she's easy to kill.

Spells/buildings: I recommend including Decomposer (10 bfp) so that you can recycle your units after you get your third orb. When paired with Furnace of Flesh at T2 you can get most of your power back instantly.

Most of the useful spells and buildings at T1 costs 100+ bfp so I don't recommend getting cards like Soul Splicer (g) or Motivate until have your core cards in other orb levels. I recommend avoiding risky cards like Nasty Surprise unless you know what you're doing.


T2 (1 shadow 1 frost):

Units: Lost Reaver (r) is only 12 bfp and is an incredible creature with a lot of health and damage. I use red affinity since it's ability helps clear the early camps very quickly with minimal losses as long as you keep the bugs it spawns away from your own units. You'll want to have some ranged unit to accompany Lost Reaver to fight against air. Nox troopers are usually good enough for that purpose and you should already have some around when you hit T2.

Spells: Coldsnap (250 bfp) can be very useful. Most of the good spells at T2 are in the hundreds or thousands of BFP so Cold Snap is a good start.

Buildings: It's very important to include a reliable defensive building at T2, and Lost Launcher (3-12 bfp) fits the bill. 2-4 of them will hold on most maps, especially when behind fortifications.

Since you'll be building a lot of structures, it's also useful to include Construction Hut (70 bfp) to save a lot of power on structures and speed up construction time.

Furnace of Flesh (45 bfp) is useful as I mentioned before. You can build it at locations where you expect enemies to attack so you can harvest their corpses while defending or use it to recycle your own units.


T3 (1 shadow, 1 frost, 1 shadow or frost):

Units: You can't go wrong with Lost Horror (g) (20 bfp). 3 of them can take care of most minor camps. Lost Grigori (100 bfp) can be useful if you have the spare BFP. After upgrading him you get a disintegrate ability which you can use to take down the really tough XL enemy units as long as they're not boss units with leader immunities.

Buildings/spells: Most of the really useful cards here are prohibitively expensive for beginners (hundreds or thousands of BFP). Your T2 and T3 cards should still get the job done here.


T4 (2 shadow, 2 frost):

Units: Here you'll want a good frontline tank and high damage ranged units behind it. You mentioned you already own Lost Spirit Ship and it's an excellent ranged unit. You can also include Necrofury (35 bfp) or Construct for added damage, though it takes a bit of micro to make use of Necrofury since you have to switch between walking mode and the stationary siege mode. Unfortunately, most good tank units are very expensive so there are no real "budget" options. You could probably survive with just ranged units if you play carefully.

Buildings/Spells: A lot of the stuff here is either very expensive or not beginner-friendly. Unholy Hero can give one of your units a massive damage boost but you risk hurting your own units as well by its effect. Most other spells are very situational.


Once you have your core deck, I recommend saving for some of the cards and combos that are so good they're almost cheating, such as:

Amii Monument: You get to skip right to T4 instead of having to rely on the comparatively weaker T3 creatures.

- Nether Warp (g): This card has so many uses. You can use it to jump over walls and barriers, climb up or down hills (takes precision), or displace enemy units.

-  Infect + Frenetic Assault (p): Bases with lots of small and medium units will practically clear themselves with this combo. Especially strong in RPVE.

-  Worldbreaker Gun + Skyelf Sage + Skyelf Commander combo: You can clear a base in 2 seconds with 2 WBGs that are put in snowball mode and boosted by Skyelf Sages. Skyelf Commander can help them survive against strong waves while defending.


Besides that, there are plenty of interesting decks, strategies and combos left to explore so there's a lot to discover while playing. :)

Hope this helps and best of luck!


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