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Aura of Corruption damage calculation

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Hey guys,


I was testing AoC damage values and came across the following interaction: When there are 2 squads of Darkelf Assassins in the aura and you spawn a Spirit Hunter it should exactly kill them (75x2x8 /2 = 600) but it leaves them with 1 HP which is annoying because they kill your squad and win the fight! Funny thing is that when you spawn a Cannontower inside it kills two Shadowmages which also is their exact HP value (70x8x2 /2 = 560) Maybe its just a rounding error you can fix quickly.


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Shadowmage interaction added
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I think it has something to do with squads interactions. In a squad, each member has an individual health pool and this results into a lot of problems when you want to kill the whole squad with a dmg spell. It depends on the angle of the center of the dmg spell and how many members of the squad gets hit at the same exact time. I think this is way harder to fix than you would expect. Especially since it's not 100% clear what causes that bug,

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