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What is the lore behind AMII?

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How far is it fleshed out? Before i or someone else starts creating cards or brainstorms about them, we should have some kind of red line here.

"The Amii are the physical incarnations of the elements, formed in order to free the mortal children of the elements from the subjugation of the skanes and their giant masters. Creating wells and orbs from primal ore to tap into Nyn's power and elemental bonds, the Amii fought on an even footing with the skanes. Unfortunately, the skanes called in their giant kin into the fray, and the Amii were themselves subjugated and reduce to slavery, constructing massive monuments for their giant masters, and being imprisoned in the very monuments they had built themselves." -wiki

Is that all? Kinda sad as a back-story. This makes me think of card names like Amii Avenger and a FOCKIN IRON MAIDEN ALBUM CALLED POWERSLAVE !!! lol

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There are two chapters about Amii in in-game lore book.

That's it. Wiki is based on it, but some info was cut, though. However, there aren't really more details in lore book.


It could be reverse engineered on what idea Phenomics had on them, because "powerful magic spirits that took physical bodies" isn't too detailed.

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3 hours ago, Majora - MidnaMistfire said:

Amii Phantom always struck me as a weird unit to represent Amii. From the lore I always saw them as some kind of mystical creatures, not human-like. A bit like the boss fight spirits from the upcoming Kena Bridge of Spirits game, or the Changelings in Magic the Gathering Kaldheim set. 

I finished an idea and illustration for an AMII unit today. You can check it out here =) Maybe this one fits the lore better.


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