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here are some suggestions for the interface. At least the ones I could not already find in the forum.
I dont know if they can all be implemented, but maybe some of them.

1) A graphic option like Fullscreen (window-mode). So that the cursor is trapped into the monitor during game,
and can leave to the second monitor while the menu is open or the player is at the forge. And if the game loses focus, it stays opened instead of minimize to the taskbar.

2) Option to disable right-click-drag to move the map. Sometimes you move the map instead of sending units to a place if you act fast.

3) Place interface-elements all together at one side of the screen. So you dont accidentally click on the contact-list or the menu instead of sending a unit somewhere.

4) Delete message confirmation when there is an attachment. I assume there are some people out there, that accidentally deleted a message containing really expensive stuff ;)
Attachment is automatically added to the inventory, if a message gets deleted without taking it first.

5) Shortcut for closing windows like world-map or message-view e.g. ESC and set the shortcut for the menu on F12 or maybe something else if thats a bad idea.

6) An ability to browse all cards with filters. Like when you browse your own cards, but with every card. There are websites with it, but I dont know how up to date they are

7) Shift-click to place the same unit multiple times without having to press the same "F-key" multiple times

8) Set the game launcher to not run as admin. Otherwise keybindings for other software (like Discord) doesn't work anymore as long as the game has focus.
I put a batch file onto my desktop and drag the Skylords shortcut over it, so it runs as non admin. Maybe you can use this somehow:
cmd /min /C "set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start "" %1"


And here are two command and control suggenstions. I dont know if they would have a too big impact on the gameplay, but they would definitely make life easyer ;)

9) Ability to shift-queue commands. So you can tell a unit to attack first that enemy, then this one, and then the third one,
without having to wait until the first enemy is down, to focus the second one and so on.

Update the queue-commends mechanics:
Now you have to press shift and hold it down while queuing commands. As soon as you release shift,
units will stop with the current action and start processing the queued commands.
Better would be: while pressing shift, append new commands to existing one or existing queue
and process immediatly with it (without canceling the current command), even if the shift key is still held down


10) Change the way the attack command (default q) works.
If units are fighting and I press q left click somewhere else, they turn to that direction, and then turn back to the enemy they are fighting.
A fighting unit should just ignore the q command and continue fighting, without loosing so much time turning around.
If there is nothing like a "fighting"-flag then, "first check if there is something to fight, if not, start running to given direction" could be an option
If that means, slower reaction on q commands, then there is always the option to right-click first, and then q click. So units start to move first bevore they check if there is an enemy to attack.

I hope there are some good ideas :)

Best regards,


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