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RPvE Nature/Frost/Stone help plz

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Hey mates,

Its a long time since Battleforge and me and a friend of mine have started playing again.
Now we have some troubles playing RPvE over T6. My friend already with T5.

I play a Nature/Frost/Stone deck like this:


I plan in T2: Mountaineer

T3: Rageflame

T4: second Gemeye

Thats how I played most games in PvE in old times.
Could I reach with them RPvE 9 /10?
Or is it not possible?

I´m not a fan of Shadow but, I had Fire T3 with Magmahurler before I had the Aggressor.

Yould you give me some help?


Second my friend played with Fire/Nature and only make it to RPvE T4. I dont know much about Fire and he is not the best in micro management. May be you have some tipps here as well? :)


He changed to Nature T1, because Fire T1 didn´t function.


Thx for any help!

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You can play rPvE 9 with any faction, it's more about practice, skill and decision making than deck itself (however, you must have something reliable for it, stonekin certainly is).

Endgame Stonekin card is usually Grinder on T4. You need some melee unit anyway, to slow down enemies so that Gemeyes can shoot. Giant Wyrm is awesome.

Rageflame is cool on T3, Deepfang can do the job as well. Some like Core Dredge Blue in Rageflame deck.

I do not know what to tell about T2, except for fact that Breeding Grounds are awesome. There are many reliable T2 stonekin options to support Aggressor.

Ensnaring Roots are awesome in T1 Nature.


In rPvE you do not need Cannon Tower and Hammerfall.



Nature Fire deck is very good for beginers ^^. Nature T1 is MVP start for beginners while Fire is worst. (Shaman isn't necessary, but it's certainly great). Let him consider Ensnaring Roots (but not needed). Instead of Skyfire Drake he may add Spirit Hunters (Green), they may be more reliable. Again, Breeding Grounds are awesome. On T2 Fire Stalker spam is usually great. On T3 Unity + Swamp Drakes + Magma Hurlers should be nice and strong option. If he plans to develop the deck, then he should go into Revenge and Twilight XL units direction. For sure ask him to add Regrowth, and perhaps Equilibrium, all heals are beginner friendly.

On T4 Giant Wyrm and Emberstrike are strong and reliable cards. Later replace Emberstrike with some XLs. His current deck currently allows Fire Sphere, so it should be certainly helpful if casted on entrance of enemy spawn or in mid of boss.

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I'd recommend slapping winter witch into that t4, if you end up with two frost orbs she's actually much better than regrowth, gets even better if you put ice age green in as well. You can keep regrowth for top ups and helping teamates struggling and not have to worry about keeping charges around for yourself. She's very much the EZ mode for rpve. The only time you'll ever take health damage is lost souls and then only because of lost dancers disenchant and that usually on just one unit.

I don't think amazon green affects anything you have so dryad blue or blue Amazon would be better. Or just switching to frost t1 as you will get your first powerwells dramatically faster than nature t1 is capable of and gives access to homesoil for boss killing.

I'd also recommend some void manipulation. You lack freeze for martyr so you could try shrine of memory. Alternatively adding maelstrom with martyr which would synergize with winter witch giving you both passive void return and active. Shrine of war is best but you can't rely on teamates to always have it.

Keep cannon for those times you have an extra enemy base attached to your t3 and swap hammerfall for something else. In 4 player you'll have t4 cleared before you even build a 3rd orb and for solo having the cannon tower securing things early is more helpful.



Don't have any advice atm for the firenature. Being stuck relying on regrowth sucks and I don't know a way around the charge problem without splashing for offering rifle cultist. As nice as having shrine of war and earthshaker available is it's definitely one of my weakest decks for rpve. Usually it's keeping everything alive thats problematic.

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Here is a deck i use for almost everything. rPVE and quite some expert maps, can be done with it. Maybe you will find fun and inspiration with the combination of matter mastery and frontier keep(fire aff)

drunk deck.JPG

Still liking my bandits a bit more though xD


I use Shrine of Memory but you could also easily use Shrine of Martyrs for more synergy...i just use Memory because it performs better when i am not 100% awake and don't have winter witch in the deck (which is as stated a nice addition if you play rpve - but she is still a very slow walkerfor it)

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Oh i just realized i did not adress your friend's deck with my post. I have a twilight-meme-deck too which is very solid in most campaign content and can also run rpve 9 without problems. (even in t4 always be nice and keep a few of those t3 twilight creepers in the mix...they make life a lot easier with their ability to weaken the offense and defense of enemy troops)


if you have shrine of war, then using it instead of shrine of memory is usually of course the better idea. People are split on vilebloods but in my opinion they look great and perform very solid if you place a ray of light on them..and even if ray of light is not enough you can transform them either with their native ability or with twilight curse. twilight curse can be used offensively or defensively. Either you can turn an almost dead unit into a (non power binding!) t2 bug, get a small but powerful, aoe heal with it(in case of green vileblood eg.), or you use it in expert maps on stuff like enemy grinders or soulhunters or lost vigils..very versatile and helpful spell. If you are not into twilight meme, then simply firestalkers and gladiatrix or skyfire drakes are the usual go to pick for t2 here..i just wanted to use twilight stuff and it is honestly not even bad.

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