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Expert Campaign Deck: Your Recommendations

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Cards which scale very well into expert maps : Nightguards, Parasite swarm, Mark of the Keeper, Twilight Curse, Church of negation, Befallen's curse plus chaos knight (purple) ability...just to name a few mvp-examples :)

I also like to make decks which are almost at max power at T3 ..be it twilight pests, Satanael Snapperspam or even just simply getting Spitfires out to blow up stuff under unity.

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Usually do a expert maps as pure frost. It's a powerhouse on every tier, survivability is good, and not much can stop it's XL heavy t3 or it's wareagles which trivialize maps like nightmares end and king of giants while also having 2 reliable solutions to the twilight dancer spam expert loves so much with wareagles/white rangers. Defense tower coming in strong on every map requiring a t1 defense with it's crazy stat to cost ratio. Being able to skip t4 on maps that require you to be quick is very nice to have with that frost t3.

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