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2v2 ranked allow random teamates

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While I wouldn't say anything against rnd PVP matchups in general (it just adds on the current content), it's just not that good a feature.

Rnd Team PvP has the additional issue, that you need to be more precise for matchmaking.
On premades, you will fight premades. You're fully aware, what your team consistents of and that's it. In BF you can then let the system match rank/deck lvl against each other.

With rnd teams, there's the whole notion of matching them also against premades or not.
Matching them against pres -> unfair. Not matching them against pres -> splitting the pool.

I personally despise every single game where I match up in singles for a team pvp only to see my enemy team consisting partially or fully of premades.
To me it ruins the mere basic of PvP not playing on even ground. What's the point measuring one's skills against others when you're already crippled from the start?

But ultimately I believe it comes down to the whole "splitting the pool" issue. <- This is too big an issue to ignore.

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