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Some ideas about the UI

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This is a little compilation of some UI-Issues that always bugged me, together with suggestions on how to improve the UI.

  • Add tabs to the Chat. During prime time it can be hard to follow a discussion in Strategy, for example, because every second a new message is posted to trade or beginner. I could leave those, but i really don't want to. Different tabs for different channels would solve this.
  • Add a "Collect all" - button to the mailbox. After some shopping, trading and doing daylies, it's a chore to open all mails one-by-one to get my bf and cards. A new Button to collect attachments from all mails would be nice.
  • Give all towers and buildings range indicators. Most of the towers card descriptions don't mention their range and even if they do, I've no idea how much "50m" are in game. I'd like to see a range indicator when placing the tower. Same goes for some support buildings like Root Nexus.
  • Let us filter auctions by affinity. Especially useful for cards with huge price differences between affinities.
  • As far as I know there is no option to spawn multiple units in a row without re-selecting the unit card again and again. I'd like to see an option to do that, like holding down CTRL while the card is selected.
  • Make the Inventory resizeable. Back in the old days, when I was playing BattleForge on an 4:3 monitor, the Inventory size was just right. Nowadays it looks to small and cramped, with much unused space available. It would be awesome to have more then 2 cards per row and to extend the Inventory all the way down to the chat.
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Deleted mail gives you it's all contents, making using AH slightly easier. "Delete all" is present, however I do not use it because I have some important mails in here. Option "Delete all unread / new mails" would be nice.

Keep in mind that there is 1 second cooldown after casting a card.


I agree with all others, nice suggestions.

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Yeah, but i don't always want to delete all my mail. Not even all my new mail. "Delete autogenerated mail" would be better - deletes all mails from achievements, daylies, auction house, but not other players mail. Your suggestion would make it very easy to delete some unopened mail from another player by accident.

I don't think the 1 sec cooldown is an issue, I can't do anything else but wait during this time anyways ...


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