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Perma buff lost and Need/Greed bug

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NAME: Perma buff lost

DESCRIPTION: I found out that if a unit dispells a buff that is permanent like the wheel buffs they will never come back on the unit, even if the debuff spell should only dispell it an block it for a short time (like from lost soul dancer unit i think it was even in their discription). It is annoying playing support and than find out your support is wasted energy.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Could be stoped if the perma buffs would refresh themselfs once in while.



NAME: Need/Greed bug

DESCRIPTION: I played many times with friends and we like to use the need and greed system... and we found out that if one press need and the other greed it is random who gets the card. Sometines the one pressing need get's it (how it should be) and sometimes the greed player gets it. It's not a bug that should have any prio as you get upgrade cards well enough from playing rPVE and buy them with gold, but wanted to report it :)

REPRODUCIBILITY: As it is random and always random we could reproduce it many times.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A guess but maybe need and greed has the same prio in the system...

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Just for the need/greed part:

This might (?) not be a bug on your end, as the system is not as clear cut as "Need over greed and when multiple players chose the highest picked option, it's randomized between them".

From the skylords wiki:
"Every player has greed power and need power. The more power a player has, the higher the chance to get an upgrade.
The more upgrades you need, the less need power you have.
The more upgrades you greed, the less greed power you have.
The more upgrades you greed, the less need power you have.
The more upgrades you need, the less greed power you have.

Need power starts three times as high as greed power.
For every upgrade we make a pool of power that is the sum of the players current greed or need power, depending on whether a player greeded or needed that upgrade.
If this pool has no power (everyone passed), it is a guarantee disenchant.
A random power is chosen between 0 and the pool power.
A reward is chosen, an upgrade is chosen:  (NOTE: I believe on of those should have been "a player is chosen")
- If that player has more need power (and needed that upgrade) than the random power, he gets the upgrade.
- If that player has more greed power (and greeded that upgrade) than the random power, he gets the upgrade.
- If that player doesn't have enough power, the random power is decreased by the players greed or need power depending on what he chose for that upgrade. Another player is chosen to attempt at acquiring the upgrade."


Meaning (if I interpret this correctly):
a) Every player has 2 power pools, one for greed one for need. (Need 3x times Greeds value)
b) Choosing more Needs/Greeds will reduce your power pools for both
c) For every reward 1 power pool is created, adding the need/greed power respectively of what the players chose
d) The system chooses a number between 0 and a rewards pool
e) The system then chooses one player at random (?) and checks if his own power is higher than the random number
f) If his power is lower than the selected number, the number gets reduced by his power and another player is choosen to run through e) again.

For a reward Player 1 and 2 chose "Need". Since they didn't need/greed anything else, their "Need" is a power of 30.
For the same reward Player 3 chose "Greed". Since he didn't need/greed anything else, his "Greed" is a power of 10.
Player 4 passes and doesn't count for this reward.
The pool for this reward adds therefore up to 70 (30+30+10).
The reward will be distributed by the system, it first chooses a number between 0 and 70 (e.g. 35).
It randomly chooses Player 2 first to see, if he might receive the reward. Since his power is 30 and the check 35, he doesn't get it.
The random number is then reduced by his power to 5 (35-30).
The next player is chosen for the check and since both the "Need" and "Greed" player have a power above 5 (30 and 10 respectively) it soley depends on which player is chosen at random.

To be honest... big question mark for me too here. Up until c) this looks ok but then it gets kinda wonky.
What I get from this explanation: "Need" gives you a higher power than "Greed" and also increases the possible max number rolled for the reward check (makes it harder for the lower "Greed"), but if the number is rolled low enough and a greed player is randomly chosen first (or a Need player is before him, but his power is lower than the random selected numer and only ends up reducing it), he can win it, even if all other player chose "Need"??? Is that right?
This would mean "Need" is never a certainty but only a higher chance on something. Like having "Need" player roll a dice from 1-30 while "Greed" player roll one from 1-10.

In the worst case scenario (if not something else is in place) this could also mean, when Player 1,2 and 3 each "Need" a different reward and pass on the rest while Player 4 "Greed" all of them, that Player 4 has a slim chance to get them all.
This would pretty much defeat the whole purpose of "Need and Greed".

Hopefully someone else can clear this up...

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