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Worth Buying Packs or Specific Cards?

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Hi Friends,

The game isn't the same when you don't have the cards you had 10 years ago.  I tried the beta for a bit last year, and back again now.  I played four of five days straight and opened up a bunch of fire deck cards, although nothing good has come of it.  Is it worth opening packs or not?

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If you have a faction you are going to play, then opening faction boosters is better - you get many cards you are going to use.
If you are uncertain about faction, then consider opening general boosters or buying certain cards from AH.

Many people make profit on opening boosters, however Fire is one of worst ones.


It's a lot of about personal preference and your in-game goal, I collected many great cards by opening boosters, but had to supply it with addinotional charges from AH.

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i also run into the issue:
I want to play shadow and I like the fun of opening boosters

-> Buy shadow boosters.

But I also want to sell some of the valuable stuff I don't need in order to make some more bfp for new boosters

-> But I only get shadow cards from boosters (excluding achievements)...

Soooooo yeah....

Best way I see it: Spend some time getting to know the game mechanics and what cards there are. Set yourself a goal, which deck you want to build, so you can single out and sell the more valuable cards even if they're in a color you'd like to play.
-> Mix between buying single cards and boosters. If you know you need a specific card, check out what's the going rate and if it's low buy it directly.

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My mates and I are all doing it differently. I for example buy the daily reduced pack, always the 350 one with all colors. I like the surprise. Sometimes you win, somestimes you loose. Had some really good stuff (Avatar, Harvester etc) already but also some packs that were worth like 30-50BFP.


Is it better to buy specific cards? Maybe. Lot of people do it this way.

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