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Nature/Darkness Beginner Deck

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With Windweavers and Ensnaring Roots, you already have powerful T1. Shaman greatly helps at that, however, I believe you can get rid of Spearmen.

Consider getting rid of one T2 unit - you do not need 4 squads here.
On T3 you could consider having either Church of Negation, or Necroblaster. Both are awesome, but they fill the same role.
Add on T4 Giant Wyrm - it's a great card, and consider adding Unholy Power.

With free deck slots, you could add some powerful spells, however they tend to be expensive, so I am not going to give names.

When I play Campaign maps, I use 1 tower to cover T1-T2, and sometimes add one more tower to cover T3-T4. You usually do not need towers for each tier.

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Some other good options for nature/shadow:

Hurricane: Sometimes roots is better, sometimes hurricane is. Doesn't hurt to have both.

Embalmers shrine: Shadow phoenixes need a lot of corpses to revive. If you activate this building, they only need a fraction of the usual amount of corpses and come back much more often.

Breeding grounds: On upgrade 3 units spawned next to it only cost 75%, so it's really worth it anytime you summon a big army. Your teammates can also make use of it in multiplayer.

Resource booster: If you want to get power quicker, you can place it next to your wells. The disadvantage is that your wells run out of power faster. It is still great in random PVE/battlegrounds cause in these games your wells don't run our until shortly before the game is over even with resource boosters.

Furnace of flesh: Makes you get power back from your voidpool wich can make you much faster sometimes.

Equilibrium (green affinity): Not as strong as regrowth, but in tier 3 surge of light often isn't enough to keep your units healthy.

Revenge: Spell wich reflects enemy damage, making your own units take 70% and deal the rest to oponents - really good!

Thunderstorm: Strong damage spell wich works best against groups of oponents, not so strong on single units.

Soulshatter: Damage spell wich, unlike thunderstorm, also does damage to buildings. But it also damages you own and teammates units so its more situational.

Frenetic assault: One of the strongest spells there is, makes all oponents in an area attack each other.

Infect: Turns defeated enemy units into crawlers wich do a lot of damage and die after some time, great in combination with frenetic assault or thunderstorm. Really expensive BFP wise...

Wheels of gift: Grants buff to all your and teammates units on the field.

Enlightenment: Gives you a one time possibilty to play a card without any orb restrictions. That means pure frost, pure fire, T3, T4 doesn't matter - you have to have the card in your deck of course and the power for it.

T4 Units: the mentioned giant Wyrm is good, grimvine is solid, i personally like primeval watcher.


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Shaman is not bad, but it's not necessary. It's one of best cards in the game. Feel free to keep it.

You have strong T1, T3 and T4, and acceptable T2. The deck looks really solid to me, and should easily take you through campaign on Advanced and large part of it on Expert. Here my knowledge on Nature / Shadow deck ends.

You could use Breeding grounds, though. It's a great card, in case you decide you don't need one of cards.

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