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rPvE Map Generation - Power Well Outside the Map & Stuck Unit

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NAME: rPvE Map Generation - Power Well Outside the Map & Stuck Unit

DESCRIPTION: The map boundaries of a generated rPvE Map can run in between the beginning structures. This cut of a Power Well and got one unit stuck. This unit could not be selected anymore. One additional unit moved to the boundary of the map and could not be selected anymore either, however, unlike the first unit (seen in the screenshot), it was not behind the other Power Well, just on the edge and it could aggro out of there. 

REPRODUCIBILITY: It's generated, so reproducibility is hardly describable. It happened once so far.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Taken 17.01. 16:51


LOG: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kfke1iqt1dly14k/_log_proxy_1.log?dl=0


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