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[Unconfirmed] Quest reroll lowers other quests bfp reward

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so I started the day with 4 active quests.

- each quest showed me 75bfp as a reward.

- I rerolled one quest

- The rerolled quest now was showing me that only 70bfp will be rewarded while others still showed 75bfp as a reward.

(everything fine until here)

- I completed all 4 quest.

- Every single quest rewarded me with only 70bfp. not only the rerolled one, but the three other quests as well.


is this a visual bug?

is a reroll suppose to lower all rewards?


I cant provide any screenshots as I just accepted it and deleted it as I always do as a reflex. I dont want any refunds. I just want to make you guys aware that this happened and I dont know if it is suppose to happen like this.

3 quests showed a reward of 75 bfp but only gave 70 bfp as if they where rerolled-


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3 hours ago, Gentlemann said:

good to know. still they only provided 70bfp each.

maybe I'll try to recreate this once I skip a day again.

That would be great! I tried it yesterday quickly but seemed to work fine. Was the day you wrote this report the day you finished the 4 quests?

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  • Zyna changed the title to [Unconfirmed] Quest reroll lowers other quests bfp reward

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