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Oracle - Stone Transporter stuck

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NAME: Oracle - Stone Transporter stuck

DESCRIPTION: The last stone transporter on the oracle map didnt enter the finish zone, maybe because i had too many units in the zone. And no nudging did move it again. I then waited for another Pirate ship to spawn and take control of the Transporter which still didnt move. I crashed the Pirate Ship and the Transporter started moving again and i could proceed and finish the mission. Didnt happen on my first time on the map.

REPRODUCIBILITY: I assume having units in the finish zone might cause this.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://i.imgur.com/mUIM7dt.png 

LOG: I hope its the right log, its been created after the replay.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I assumed the Transport would just push through my units so i didnt give it a thought.

20210114_113057_12103_PvE_01p_Temple.pmv _log_proxy_3.log

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