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I would love to play this long range beast in Battlegrounds but its impossible to keep his hunger bar high. It drops so fast and even if i would feed him he still loses hunger during devour not to mention the super long animation of devouring. Do you guys have any plans to make him playable? Im okay with the feeding mechanics just make it less frustating or let him gather corpses or i dunno. :D any ideas?

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One of the most important things in a deck involving Tortugun is that you have a very good way to get back your energy. You need either shrine of war or fof with cultist master since those turtles will die very often. And therefore you definitely need offering as well.

The strategy I use with them is quite simple: Every time a Tortugun would get hungry, you have two options: Either let another Tortugun eat it or use cards like offering or sometimes motivate on it. You just need to pay very close attention to their hunger bar and which tortugun is about to become hungry and tell them the target to eat early enough. Else you could end up with two tortuguns eating the other two you just played and since they get hungry very quickly after eating an undazed Tortugun, they will then eat each other so instead of having 3 full tortuguns, you only have 1 which may even be at low life. Also, keep in mind you can't use offering or motivate on Tortuguns once they are in the amok state. So from that point on you either have to feed or eat them (You can also tell them to move right before they get in the amok state and they will walk to their destination even though they switch to amok state right away. That gives you plenty of time to pick another Tortugun and let that one eat the one in amok state. Another method is using the spell amok. As long as they are affected by amok, they won't eat your units).

Another little trick to that strategy: use both variations of tortugun and always play them in pairs. This way they get hungry simultaneously and you can tell one of them to eat the other. It's way easier to handle them like this.

Oh and it's very important to upgrade them to at least U2. You not only need the lower consumption of food but also the charges.

There are so many more things I could tell you about this unit but I think I covered the most important things.

Anyway. If you play Tortugun correctly, you will have lots of fun with that unit. The hunger bar is one of the most unique abilities in the game and that's why I'm highly against a major change to it.

I agree with the complaint about the animation though. It takes so long and because of that, it's barely useful to eat smaller units like Nightcrawlers from infect or the crawlers from Grim Bahir. A change I see fitting for Tortugun is to pause their hunger bar for a few seconds after they eat something. That would not only encourage people to play them the way it's intended, but it will also make up for the long eating animation.

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I tried for days to make tortugun work nicely. I so want to make this card work well. I know it is great with unholy hero and such as i played a few BG 9 with it. But constantly using offering and sacrificing bloodhorns and other tortuguns is just weird. I even bought one and gifted it to a talented player asking him to "make it good" but even he is a very underwhealmed.

Here is my apparently stolen suggestion:

(We make 2 cards very useful at the same time with it, without even touching one of them)

Increase the speed of Tortugun's eating-animation by a lot if it eats smaller units. That way you could play corsair and just let it nom nom on banditos or commandos(banditos would be better though) i tested it a few times with a lvl 3 corsair(nat aff) and tortugun looses way too much time eating the little guys. It is almost hungy again after eating them, Even though you get 3.6k worth of hp for one load of banditos iirc lol

It would be just a great synergy between two cards which are of the same faction and on paper would have a great synergy already. Since tortugun does not eat flying units it would even not chew off the hand that is feeding it, should you ever miss the moment to feed her.

You already see corsair peing played very rarely. As well as tortugun. Corsair can be a great t3 if you use its ability and have the population cap not ruin your plans. It can be your main force in t3 and then at t4 it switches to support. I think the intention might have been for it to be like this all along.


*VERY ORIGINAL since two people already mentioned the speeding up of the animation, but i figured to give this topic a bump since i am right now running into the tortugun troubles as well*

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On 4/3/2021 at 11:24 PM, Darkroy said:

I like the idea to pause the hunger bar after it has eaten. (probably easier to implement than speeding up the animation? dunno) 

But should it be dependent on the hp it chewed? So f. e. 3sec Pause for 1k hp eaten? 

No. Imo it shouldn't. The reason why I suggested this is because it's especially ineffective to eat smaller stuff. And with many potential supports like Grim Bahir, Infect or even Undead Army it's therefore almost useless to eat the units because the animation of Tortugun is way too long. So my goal was to especially improve the effectiveness for smaller units.

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On 1/5/2021 at 2:07 AM, Chibiterasu said:

A change I see fitting for Tortugun is to pause their hunger bar for a few seconds after they eat something. That would not only encourage people to play them the way it's intended, but it will also make up for the long eating animation.

This does indeed sound like a very fitting change.

Alongside that I´d also appreciate another QoL - that Tortugun starts with a full hunger bar instead of only 3/4 filled. And maybe let it also loose hunger less quickly (it gets less annoying to use on U3 due to that, but an increase in the "loose less hunger" would be nice).

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