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Yesterday i was able to win my brother for Battleforge.
Downloaded the game for him and created an account in the forum.

The Game runs fine, but if he wants to join the forum now it just says BANNED.
This happens on every subdomain of forum.skylords.eu.
Also logging into the game is not possible.

What did we do wrong? Why is a brand new account banned?

Thanks for help

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It shouldn't be a problem on your side. It is perfectly fine to create a single account for each person.

For further investigation by the mod team it would be good to have the username of his account. Please don't post any private information here e.g. the e-mail or password.

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Sorry that my answer took a bit longer. I checked the account arcticfox with mail address este*********@***il.com which has already been registered on the 27th of May 2018. I can't find any information, that the account should be banned.

Is that really the account you're referring to. Moreover is this the account he's trying to login with?

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queridos skylords, ya hace un tiempo no entro a mi cuent. hoy quiese entrar entre con mi mail de usuario y me pide que cree un nuevo perfil

mi nombre era bartillo20 si mal no recuedo o lordloky. no recuerdo. espero prota respuesta desde ya gracias........

Dear skylords, I have not entered my account for a while. today I want to enter with my user email and ask me to create a new profile my name was bartillo20 if I remember correctly or lordloky. I do not remember. I hope a first response from now thanks ........

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