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Root decks need some love

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i've been playing around with the root deck theme and found a major problem, mobility.

fact is pvp is all about speed (at least at the start)
rpve is all about speed (your on a timer)
pve campaign often has timers as well

this makes the root deck sub optimal at best and guarantee loss at worse.
but i think 1 change to 1 card should help this, sylvan gate.
it's a tunnel building that can connect with the root network, what I suggest is this.
make it so that building can teleport the power of the root network as well as the units.
e.g one side has the battery group and the other side has a razorleaf which gets the bonus damage.
if you feel like that would be too strong at every sylvan gate you can make it so only the tunnel exit gets the networks power.

idea is while it doesn't make the root deck faster it does allow you to lock down an area you've taken significantly faster,
or construct the gate just outside an heavy enemy area and lure them in without taking an ungodly amount of time and/or cost to do that now.
at the very least it will give the root deck a bit more use in more situations.

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