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A friend of mine have just started his journey with Battleforge ;) He never played it before but he learns very fast.
Could you build a nice deck for him? He is focused on PVE content both rPVE and PVE. He enjoy playing shadow and nature ;>
I would appreciate if someone can help with building a deck for him (based on shadow or nature but not pure one) because I am not that experienced either and I don't want him to waste his BF points ;D

Thanks in advance for any kind of help ;)

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1 hour ago, Nal9or said:

can u post a list of the cards cause i´m to stupid to identify them only by the pictures ^^
or is there another way to identify them i dont know...?

Embalmer's Shrine
Soul Splicer (nature)
Offering (Nature)
Shadow Phoenix
Resource Booster
Furnace of Flesh
Cultist Master
Fallen Skyelf
Breeding Grounds
Amii Monument
Frenetic Assault (nature)
Frenetic Assault (shadow)
Equilibrium (nature)
Rifle Cultists
Lost Spirit Ship (nature)
Unholy Hero

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1 hour ago, xs0ulLess said:



t2 (escolha, não leve tudo)


cartões baratos t3, (escolha, não leve todos)


cartões t3 caros, (escolha, não leve todos)


T4 qualquer homem, pegue 2-3 Slots T4 para um feitiço e ou duas unidades. Giant Wyrm é uma das cartas mais fortes

Existem muitas estratégias possíveis com eles, embora eu não ache que a sombra da natureza T2 seja forte. O segundo post tem uma das 'melhores' estratégias t2: embalsamadores + shadow fênix

Eu preciso explicar as cartas? Eu acho que você pode explicar para o seu amigo



Lembre-se de oferecer + cultistas de rifle para cargas T4 gratuitas

how does that deck that has 2 lost spirit ship?

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11 minutes ago, xs0ulLess said:

O que? Qual deck tem 2 navios espirituais perdidos (LSS)?

Você também pode jogar LSS neste deck. Basta pegar o orbe de gelo T4

Usei este site:  https://allcards.skylords.eu/

se você precisa dos nomes dos cartões

you put several LSS + The incredible hand, wheel of gift and only the LSS attacks with everything

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Just now, xs0ulLess said:

Desculpe, não há LSS em minha recomendação.

Eu disse: T4 escolhe o que você gosta e o que você ganha com boosters.

The Incredible Mo, Wheel of Gift --- esses cartões são muito caros e são APENAS com suporte. Eles são úteis em rPvE, mas não são necessários

Could you set up the meta deck for me on this link for pve difficulty 5 to 10?

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12 minutes ago, xs0ulLess said:

rPvE 5 - 9: muito fácil, basta pegar

um T1 muito forte

algum T2 especial para backup, como Embalmer's Shrine + Phoenix

Toneladas de unidades T4 , magias de suporte (magias t1-t4) - essas são magias de dano e cura ou buffs.
Corra para T4 com suas unidades T1 e termine o mapa com T4.



Este é um meta deck. EXEMPLO
Forte t1 = Forsaken + Soul Splicer (cura) [Eu não gosto deste T1, poderia ser melhor]
T2 Especial = Fênix + Santuário do Embalsamador

T4 unidade de spam = LSS e GrimVine , ele não tem cargas completas, então ele usa RifleCultist + Oferta para obter mais cargas

Rest  = Cartas de suporte para T4 .... há Frenetic Assault, Heals, Unholy Hero, Energy booster.   Furnance of Flesh and Cultist Master lhe dá de volta TODO O PODER VOID, então cada feitiço é GRÁTIS.


Para rPvE 10:

^ Copiado deste:


^ esses decks em rPvE 10 não spam T4, eles fazem uma unidade T4 e muitos feitiços


Thanks. That deck with 2 grinder cards, doesn't it work anymore?

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@xs0ulLessI'm looking at your recommendations and they are off.. The decks you showed have way too many flaws.


This is a standard rPvE 9 BloodHorn deck:



This is a standard rPvE 9 Batariel deck (you can play with the order of the orbs):


yeah both of them are very meta, but they are the best of what I can offer to you.

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Of course, best deck for completley new player (and cheapest between top decks) will be Twilight deck, which holds position 4 after 3 top decks and is very enjoyable and not so intensive as Bloodhorn deck for example. Also it provides a lot for game knowledge.
You core cards will be Abomination (blue affinity! for example it's ability turns Twilight Infestator into nothing dangerous) which costs ~200 bfp and Twilight Pestilence for sustain(blue affinity - green only useful together with blue one) with ~20 bfp. It's really difficult for enemies to kill your Abominations under Twilight Pestilence(blue). As  flying unit you can chose between Skycatcher (~400 bfp, not needed for newcomer) or Giant Wyrm (20bfp) or play with only Abominations as your T4 unit.
Also very good tool will be Twilight Protector's Seal (T3 card- ~100BFP) which blocks any attack from Lost Souls units.
You can chose between two T1 - cheaper Nature: Windweavers +1 Dryad (blue aff) or more expensive, but faster Nomads(green aff)+Mine+Eruption. If you start with Nature you dont need Shamans at all for PvE mode. Though you can use him of cours or other special options like Mana Wings, Firesworns etc)
This variant for rPvE will be cheapest, newplayers friendly and covers most of potential issues:


Eventually it can be changed to more expensive, for example like this
Twilight Curse is very helpful against Lost Vigils and even Bandit Soulhunter can become a bug.
Disenchant serve as additional help against Willzappers and Windhunters.
Cluster Explosion sometimes can clean enemy base in seconds.
There are other options: also Gladiatrix, Vileblood, Unity, Twilight Warfare, Inferno, Noxious Cloud, Twilight Pestilence(g), Fountain of Rebirth, Blaster Cannon, Healing Gardens.

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Since so much was mentioned here, I would go with the following:


T1: Windweaver, Surge of light, Shaman, Hurrican

T2: Burrower, Curse of oink, Breeding Grounds, (Matter mastery)

T3: Ashbone Pyro, Equilibrium, (incredible Mo)

T4, Lost Spirit ships both affinities, Grimvine, Regrowth


Lost spirits ships are very easy, you dont even have to look at your monitor to play them, and you dont have to press the shrine of war, like you need in the mentioned decks. You just click on your mini map once in a while.

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A real new player?


t1 spam windweavers plus the heal. if heal not ready then take the most wounded ones to the back until ready. done

t2 A cheap vileblood plus a cheap twilight curse spell and ray of light. Vileblood transformation can be veryvery useful and the bug at the end, should you decide to use twilight curse instead of the twilight basic skill, binds no power and will most likely be able to finish that spawn building you were working on. Add a curse of oink on some enemies to make sure.

t3 just take the swamp dragons, or if you reallyreally want to then magma hurlers, make a few of them or combine them with your leftover troops and send them to the next camp with unity green or blue. is it a brutal camp, then put ray of light on top.

t4 giant wyrms plus emberstrikes..emberstrikes are a great unit now. especially if you find the energy in your fingers to use their skill. Spells simply take the unities and maybe stoneshelter and the t4 heal, regrowth.

So far the only useful cards which were not included in your starter decks are ray of light; vileblood, twilight curse. Those were always cheap cards to buy at the auction house.


Wind weavers, surge of light, vileblood, twilight curse, ray of light, oink, swamp dragon, unity(G), unity(B), Giant Wyrm, regrowth. That is 11 cards so far if i can still count.

You can now add whatever you like to play around with or whatever great stuff you have already pulled out of boosters. You even have the space to put a few useful buildings in there for campaign maps or some cheap, gimmicky but also useful stuff like healing garden and fountain of rebirth. you can cycle through those and heal your units for free all the time. Both are usually very cheap to get. Get a necrofury and place it in front of a healing garden and a few necroblasters if you need to defend something in the campaign. if you micromanage this correctly then you can even defend on expert maps like bad harvest with it. Get another t4 unit or the offering plus riflecultist combo if you loose your t4 units too often despite all this proection.

For the campaign: Fire Stalkers are very handy! Morklay traps are a great offensive building if you lure huge mobs into a bunch of them. Lavafield knocks back small and medium units and since you already have it..itis good enogh and can save many asses.

Now if you are having problems with willzappers in rpve:

Add Gemeye (can outrange the zappers) OR/AND Earth shaker OR/AND matter mastery OR/AND take another route with units like Spitfire (range) spells like Suppression(also on a t1 fire unit as skill - sunelves) or Start investing more BFP into your deck and get stuff like Frenetic assault green affinity or disenchant green affinity. For frenetic assault however you would have to change the deck and invest in quite many other cards to make it nice.

If you got probs with lost souls then take the seal which protects you from these fkers. Protector's seal...and twilight curse these Lost Vigils..or simply pull them away from the buildings and then they get weaker and windweavers can get them easily.

The only real investment i see here would be Shrine of War at some point..but honestly i got by in the beginning without having it. If it is too expensive then just take Shrine of Memory..good enough.


oh yeah..forgot the breeding grounds. useful indeed.


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