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Offering - Revert changes

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One of the last real patches before the game was canned back in the old days made it so that the Offering spell could no longer target allied units, throughout the game's cycle I'd always used this to help a nature friend of mine spawn more units, or assist other players by offering a unit that was about to die, thus getting them their card/cooldown back if it was expensive, fairly handy early on in that regard too when charges are scarce.

While it could have been used for ill, sure I still think the benefit outweighs the flaws, plus if my old friend ever did play the game again, maybe he'd solve the mystery of the missing Forest Elder, it'd be nice to see the card return to form.

Being a primarily pure Shadow/Bandits player originally it'd be nice to once again have a card that can support others working again.

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I don't want other players to kill my units, no matter their intention.
Plus it's unbalanced: If one player has Offering, everyone in the Team has it (potentially). Spam some cheap T4-Cards for unlimited charges for everyone ... doesn't sound balanced at all.

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I'd like to see this just to help out friends who don't have any card charges.

I don't think griefing would be a big issue with this change. It's almost guaranteed that anyone with offering also has rifle cultists, so if they really wanted to grief you, they'd just dark grenade all your orbs anyways.

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