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Introducing ... ImaginaryNumb3r, our new Balancing Developer!

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks!

As we're moving closer and closer to the release, we're looking to expand our team to bring you the best possible experience.
Today we're proud to announce that there is a new addition to our team! Starting from today @ImaginaryNumb3r will be joining our team as a Balancing Developer. He will be one of the leading roles for guiding the card balancing process in Skylords Reborn, and the one who will implement card balancing changes in the future.
He has proven himself to be a very capable developer in our tests and we're glad that he will be helping us out in the future!

Best Regards, Zyna.

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I'm excited in working together with the great team behind Skylords. I'm astonished at how far the game has made it so far and I hope it will get even better from now going forward. I welcome the challenges that await us and want to forge the game into the best shape it can be. Balancing is delicate and there are many conflicting visions about the game, but I want to have an ear for every voice among us Skylords.

- Imaginary

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Welcome !

Not the easiest position to be in.

Most online games never truly reach balanced state and it is a never ending fight with the game and the community 

Be prepared to get blamed for the game being xy, then for being yz etc : P

I'm happy the balance aspect is not getting ignored post release and hopefully you can make Battleforge great again :kappa:

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4 hours ago, Rankerz said:

I'm happy the balance aspect is not getting ignored post release and hopefully you can make Battleforge great again :kappa:

Congrats to @ImaginaryNumb3r.

A question to the comment above, has BattleForge ever stopped being great? Obviously part from the fact that one publisher, they-who-must-not-be-named, decided to shut it down...for me the game has always been great, even now in the test phase!

// Ponni

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Really looking forward to the team growth and balancing being one of its direction. Fortunately this will get way more unified through time under lead of a developer rather than just community.

I rather agreeing with Rankerz here. Be Prepared. Although You have had an experience in this field, and You as well already have a some of the firsthand experience with this project too (and its balancing in particular). Nonetheless be prepared to experience not the most welcoming and easy time, as most of the people, who are interested in the gameplay balance aren't so easy to come in terms with. One of the most interesting parts of dev-side: you get to know why some things are done the way they are, and balance changes in the games are not different in this regard.
As they say here "Сколько лиц - столько мнений" = "As many faces - as many opinions".

However, I am still positive about not only the leadership, but the additional developer-team member, because after all it will also objectively benefit the project. Whatever the opinion there may be on Your leadership and the direction of the balancing You shall decide on.

I shall be waiting for your first deciding topic, so I could contribute to.
Oh and btw, i have a question @Zyna i suppose translations for the cards and their changes will be handled through @ImaginaryNumb3r:thinking:

Either way, Congratulations and Good Luck!
Cheers from Chimaka.

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3 hours ago, RubySauce said:

I hope that the current community will be more mature than most online game communities, and we can probably get together in a mature way where the balance developers have the final say.

I guess that most people in the community know the game from back then. Therefore there's a high chance that the average person in this community is older than in most other online game communities.

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