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Cleaning up and updating card descriptions

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cutting straight to the chase. Some cards in the game either have very vague or confusing card descriptions that make understating attacks or abilities, that make it hard to understand or leave out important details.

Time Vortex - Void Power thresholds
Lost Grigori - Desintegration values
Church of Negation - Desintegration values
Wrathgazer - Desintegration values, Pain Link - Clear up its damage redistribution to be either stated as premitigation damage or fix the actual value
Shadow Worm - Desintegration values
Soul Splicer - Corpse capacity & consumption (Waystation does have that)
Lost Converter - Show maximum corpse count
Necroblaster - Show maximum corpse count
Batariel (P) - Clear up, what its debuff does actually
Lost Evocation - Show units stats and what the affinity does exactly
Voodoo Shack - Show average damage
Rage - Show maximum damage boost for Fire Dragon, Rageclaws, Giant Slayer, Lost Launcher red, Blaster Cannon red, Flame Crystal, Abyssal Warder red, Volcano red
Looter - Show values

Long term goal:
Show correct DP20 values for ranged units.


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1 hour ago, Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) said:

Mindweaver doesn't state that there is a 10 second long post-Mindcontrol immunity on the Mindcontrolled target.

Additionaly mindcontrolled targets dont get a buff for mindcontroll immunity like other CCs do (Freez a.e.). They are though immune to mindcontrol, as you stated correctly.

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Information for rapid/slow construction:

For reference: Standard construction time 20'000ms

- Ice Barrier
- Banner of Glory
- Rallying Banner

- Tunnel
- Makeshift Tower

30'000ms: (slow construction)
- Worldbreaker Gun
- Comet Catcher
- Lifestream
- The incredible Mo
- Amii Monument
- Flame/Earth/Ice/Dark Crystal
(- Regular Monument)

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