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Skylords Reborn unresponsive after PC woke from sleep

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Hi all,

I've been encountering an issue lately with Skylords Reborn where it freezes my entire PC when it goes to sleep while Skylords Reborn is still running. I'll try to explain in detail below:

What exactly happens/ description:
My Windows is set to go to sleep automatically after some time of inactivity (30 mins). Last night I had launched the game and was doing some things in the AH and the forge, but had to go AFK for a bit. During this time Windows had gone to sleep automatically. When I woke the PC from sleep, Windows seemed to be unresponsive entirely (therefore I have not been able to screenshot/record it). The screen went completely black, except for the taskbar. My mouse can also still move around, but it does not respond when I try to click something. I tried to push various buttons to escape the frozen state (Windows button, Windows + D to get to desktop, Ctrl + Alt + Del, Ctrl + Shift + Esc), but none seem to work. It looks similar to when Explorer.exe is not responding. Usually, I restart my PC at this point by holding the on/off-button, but I had some work open in the background that I did not want to lose, so I decided to wait it out. After about 10 mins the Task Manager window finally popped up from pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, where it showed that Battleforge was not responding. However, at this point the PC was still not responding as a whole. After about 15 mins in total my PC started to respond normally again and I was able to shut down Battleforge through the task manager. I restarted the game and everything worked fine again.

When does it happen/ reproducibility:
100% of the times when Windows goes to sleep automatically and Battleforge is running. It does not seem to matter what I was doing, whether I was in the forge or AH. I have not tried yet if going to sleep manually causes the same effect. I've encountered the problem quite some times now over a longer period of time and I try to prevent the situation by closing Battleforge when going AFK, but sometimes I forget.

Log file: _log_proxy_0.log

Additional information:
I have no idea what exactly causes the issue, but I have a suspicion that the problem lies on my side, as I have not heard anyone else talking about it. Perhaps some graphic driver issue or something?

The issue itself is not game-breaking for me so there is no urgency, but it just gets a little annoying when you have work left open on the background and your whole PC freezes.

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts!


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@Zyna Well yeah, fixed it to the extent that I have prevented it from happening since te original post. I'm pretty sure disabling the sleep function would work. Have not tried to reproduce the problem when playing in windowed mode though. Will try to do so somewhere in the upcoming days. But like I said, the issue is not game-breaking for me, I just found it odd that going to sleep while BF is running would freeze my entire system for a while.

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