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DESCRIPTION: While the card Green Peace functions correctly the description doesnt differentiate between the blessed and infused effect unlike (almost) every other card with affinities. Would be nice to change "Protect the Environment!" to "Blessed/Infused Protect the Environment!".

Other cards I found with inconsistencies in their wording are:

  • Core Dredge - Siege / Shatter Ice
  • Thunder Wagon - Siege / Tainted Death
  • Lost Dancer - Siege / Tainted Blast
  • Forest Elder - Pest Plants / Flower Power
  • Hammerfall - Breeze of Strength / Breeze of Life
  • Equilibrium - Harmonic Heal / Emergence Heal
  • Howling Shrine - Paralizing Shot / Strangeling Shot
  • Amok - Tainted/Infused: Friend or Foe?

All cards in this post show the influence of the affinity perfectly (red, green, blue or purple outline). In case of Core Dreges and Thunder Wagons "Infused Siege" ability I can see the argument to leave out the prefix, similar to Nightguards and Stormsingers "Gifted Swift" ability. However, Core Dredges ability Shatter Ice should contain the "blessed" prefix, similar to the "Tainted Death" of Thunder Wagon or "Tainted Blast" of Lost Dancer.

Forest Elder, Hammerfall, Equilibrium and Howling Shrine make kind of sence to not name them by their prefix since they're quite different to eachother. A change is still debatable.

Lastly Amok is the only card with a colon [:] after the affinity prefix. Wording consistancy should be maintained and the colon removed.

SCREENSHOT: Can't upload atm & not needed :^)

LOG: None.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Searched for older bugreports for Green Peace, couldn't find any. Checked on test servers too.

Edited by Mynoduesp
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