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On 6/22/2020 at 12:51 AM, AskForName1 said:

Very offensive name with swear words in it. The admins are well aware of this sky lord but are refusing to address the situation....


Hmm, in Swedish his name means he is like a man made out of lead and that he is a DJ...strange but I am not sure whether it is offensive. Anywho, I could make numerous of names in Swedish (and some in Finnish and perhaps some other languages too...) which are horrible and probably would still pass to be a name in the game. I won't, but you can then take that and the following as a suggestion:

Do not use English (and possibly German...) to create "funny" names, use something else, like russian or swedish or some other obscure language. 

// Ponni

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Is this really all it takes to trigger someone? Nothing really rude is going on there, the name might be just baaaaaaaaaarely crossing the line a little tiny bit if you really wanna take offense in everything as insignificant as this. I think the rule against insults and offensive names is in place to prevent things of a much worse nature, likely in a targeted manner towards a minority or any other specific group of people.

This is just absurd.

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