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Are there rewards for taking certain place in pvp ladder?

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I think the devs want to avoid giving skill-based rewards. So atm, no.

Personally, I think it would be really cool to give gold to highly skilled players (pvp and speedruns) and couple that with my gold-sink-by-voting idea.

(Basically, gold becomes useless to experienced players, so we make it useful by allowing players to vote on promo cards by spending gold. We've demonstrated that it is possible to re-skin and add new cards to the game, so in principle we could easily add promo cards every few months. Players could use gold to vote for which promo card to add--it doesn't give a unique advantage to experienced players, but still makes gold feel valuable).

If gold were added as a reward, I imagine it could be 1000 gold daily for rank 1, 950 gold for rank, up to rank 20. This would get added at the end of each day depending on current rankings, and perhaps a 10x or 20x bonus for final rankings at the end of the month, with bonus for top 100 or top 200 ranks in pvp and speedruns (maybe pvp bonus should be higher than speedrun bonus, because there are more speedrun maps?)


But I agree, atm there is no incentive to play ranked instead of sparring, so it's quite hard for me to find pvp games, especially in my timezone.

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