Dear Skylords, Skyladies, and other skyfolk, As some of you may already have noticed, we're a very prominent developer short since April 5th. Due to internal difficulties, disagreements with the rest of the team and the situation not being completely on his terms, Kubik decided he didn't want to work with our team anymore and has voluntarily left the Skylords Reborn project. Progress has been slowed down and obstructed for a while now due to these issues, and sadly implementation will remain slower than we'd want; Kubik was by far the most currently active developer on the team and his work has helped the project tremendously. Without Kubik, we'd surely not have been where we are now at this pace, and we as a team are very grateful for the work he's done and the progress we've been able to make through his efforts. Since he decided to leave it behind, we can't ignore the elephant in the room: what happens now, and what does this mean for the game's players and the project's direction? It's important to know a couple of things about this, as there will be some short- and long-term consequences in play, but the TL;DR comes down to: Don't worry, the game will continue to be available as normal and SR will be hosted by us officially, but progress may be slower since we're short a developer. In the meantime, any reports, bug forms or game issues you'd normally have sent to Kubik should instead be sent to us to help improve Skylords Reborn. On Discord, we still have the modmail bot for reports and community issues, and our designated bug report section. Logs can be sent via Discord or PM to fiki574, MephistoRoss, Kiwi or Ultrakool, only then can the game be improved. I will also be available for design and community concerns. The upcoming situation in further detail:
On the short run, very little will change. The servers will remain up and running in their current state, and we will keep the game available for everyone without question. Progress-related plans, concepts and discussion will continue, and you'll still be able to contact us about issues, feedback, moderation and so on; just mind that not all tech-related issues may be solved as fast as you'd be used to. You'll still be able to play the game in its current state, and we will update what we can in the meantime; Nyn still needs you! On the long run, however, some things will be different. Now that we're lacking a core part of our development progress, we will require some help, and we will most definitely be on the lookout for new talent, expertise, and helping hands to aid us in rebuilding the world of Nyn, especially through the magic we call C++. Whereas we strive for design efforts to continue as planned, implementing new changes may take more time than they used to. We've got some good improvements planned, but they will need to be implemented somehow, and that will be slowing down due to the now lower manpower. We may have busy lives besides SR and have families, work, and other side tasks to attend to that may hinder activity, but that definitely will not stop us whatsoever from continuing to work on SR to improve experience as much as we can! In terms of the project's direction and future, don't be afraid! We as a team will continue to work on Skylords Reborn and improve it where and when we can; we're not halting development whatsoever, we merely lack the means to develop at the speed we used to, and we will try our best to make this as little of an inconvenience to you, the community, as possible.  There's a lot going on in the world right now, and for SR it is no different either. While we're lower on production power, we will still make sure you have the opportunity to play BattleForge to kill some of that quarantine time. More on that in an upcoming announcement. There are also a few design changes live on the test server if you feel like checking that out, which I'll cover in more detail soon as well. Expect more frequent design work to be done in the back- and foreground! In the meantime remember to stay safe, skyfolks, and we'll keep you posted on new developments, concepts and decisions in the near future.