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Officially featured Community Maps

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Hello there,

As you know SkylordsReborn allows players to upload their custom maps to the server and offer them for free download directly in the game. After each server restart, the directory of the previously uploaded community maps used to be overwritten. Staff has the possibility to edit the downloadable community maps section. Below you find currently available maps.

Default-featured PVE Community Maps

Every player has these maps downloaded and available in the client by default:

Atraos				1-player scenario	StevenDriesner
Awakening			2-player scenario	Scairus
Cry for help!			1-player scenario	Darg0
Dead Ice			2-player scenario	Ockelmann + Elias
The Dwarfen Stronghold		4-player scenario	LInsoDeTeh
Dignified			1-player scenario	Jan Kuntscher
Get strong enough		2-player scenario	Marcel Schanz + Martin Fischer
Greenhell			1-player scenario	Yves Baumgarte
Heart of Corruption		1-player scenario	Arvid Hahn
Just Cold			1-player scenario	Luke
Phlegethons Raid		1-player scenario	Timm Boukoura
Ruins of Zaebos			1-player scenario	Jan Ried
Twisted Legends - 0.998		4-player scenario	Omelie

Downloadable PvE Community Maps:

  • Christmas Defense
  • Wall Defense
  • Dragon Hunt
  • Groundhog Day1.1
  • Simple Land 1
  • Simple Land 2
  • Simple Land 3
  • Simple Land 4
  • Simple Land 5
  • Simple Land 6
  • Simple Land 7
  • Simple Land 8
  • Lost Souls Invasion to Simple Land
  • Into the Jungle1
  • Passage to Darkness ModV1
  • Umbabwe TD


  • Range Tester
  • Community Smithy

PvP Community Maps (enables Spectators):

  • Simai 
  • Wazhai
  • Fyre
  • Uro
  • Lajesh
  • Elyon
  • Haladur


  • Dyrum

If you have accidentally uploaded a broken community map, reach out to staff and they will help you out.
Have a good day!

Best regards,

Edited by LEBOVIN

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