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Cannot find Ranked PvP Games

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Every day I try to play 1v1 ranked PvP games at different hours and no one joins.

I even wait for 5 minutes, and still no one joins.

Unranked games are the same story most of the time.

I normally see 30-40 players online at peek hours, that's it.

So I wanted to bring this issue to the developers attention.

Please, we need more players.

With more players you would get more feedback for PvP games.

Thank you,


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Alot of PvP players just stopped playing for multiple reasons. The reset didn't happen so far (alot of people don't want to farm for all cards and upgrades twice), potential balancing changes got postponed, unbalanced matchmaking because of large skill differences, very longs searching times etc.

Right now there is 1 player with full activity when there used to be roughly 150. I think the best chance of rebuilding a solid PvP playerbase is proper promotion and work around it after the reset.  

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13 hours ago, Kubik said:


I can not easily tell you how many of these players play PvP.


But if you look to leaderboards, activity 100% means that person played at least 30 games in last 30 days.

It's very possible that players who are ranked higher have easier time to find a ranked PvP game because of his high rank (since higher rank players play more often).

However, I rank low so for me it's almost impossible.

Also, it's very possible that this player have a few friends who he is coordinating the time to play.

I don't have a friend I can coordinate with.

If you want more PvP feedback then PvP games should be going on all the time.

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