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New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

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i haven't really keep up with the already posted comments but i have some concerns about the new system. first of all the amount of time it takes to get bfp is way too high. no one is going to play so much . reaching the hardcap by 2 hours of playtime is enough. people don't have 6 or so hours to play per day to reach it. 

second of all and this is the real problem, we need hard cap on a single match. in the current state the system is really really REALLY easy to exploit. i wont go into detail in public so you can pm for it.

The current game demographic isn't midschoolers, its mainly adults coming back into the game after playing in 2009 meaning we can't play more than an hour or 2 on the game. people that can play the 6 or so hours per day will just dominate everything. I believe reaching the hard cap(with the same amount of bfp gain) is better within 2 hours so some people will still have an advantage but not entirely.
All in all the system seems good but its highly unbalanced. Plus the exploit which will make some people VERY rich.

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On 12/16/2019 at 3:01 PM, MrXLink said:

That is the general consensus right now. As for splitting PvP completely apart from the rest of the game, this is a much bigger issue that has been around for the longest time, and isn't as straightforward to do as you think, especially with a community of this size. I'm not saying I'm not considering to figure PvP servers out, but I'm still genuinely concerned about how it would affect general progression and server population if we were just going to make a hard division for everyone

A bit late to this, but any thoughts on my suggestion for locked, composed pvp decks?

As a pvp player, I am currently quite happy with progression rate. I think it's a sweet spot where I can learn one deck for a month or so while saving up to buy the next one.

I think slowing the progression would kill things for many pvp players.

However, if locked, composed decks are available to buy in the marketplace, then I can just spend 100 bfp to rent one for pure fire, and now I don't really care that I can't afford 4 juggernauts and fire dancers.

Of course if I want to play pure fire, I will want to buy the cards myself and form my own deck so that I can have cards in my favorite hotkey positions/make one or two tech choices, but until I can buy it myself, the locked composed deck would put me on an even playing field with others.



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Unrelated to my last comment, I really like having boosters every day. 

I wonder if it's possible to add a cheaper booster as a 30 min daily reward, in addition to the soft cap system.

My wife plays this game because I enjoy it, but the part she likes most is opening boosters. She likes feeling that her 30 mins got her something concrete, so now she can have fun opening it. Without this discrete award for X time, I don't think she would be as motivated to play each day.

I think replacing the 450 bfp booster with a 100bfp one would be a nice bonus for players like her. This one could be just a couple of commons and maybe 1 card with 60% chance of uncommon, 39% chance of rare, 1% chance of ultrarare.

 Or it could be that she gets 1 random card for playing 30 mins, with higher chance of it being valuable (personally I like if the market has lots of cheap common cards; new players can feel special if a player just gives them free windweavers or ghostspears or other useful common cards)

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@LEBOVIN Points 1, 2, possibly 7, 8+9 is being discussed internally already. 
For the points that are not right now:
3- First win of the day widens gap for players not being able to play per day. Also like Mephisto said this is mostly aesthetics are you are bound to win at least once per day if you play. 
4- You're comparing the current implemented system and not new proposal
5-could be an idea
6- doesnt really change anything i think. It will just make quest abit harder to complete for speedrunners.
10- maybe a reward for consecutive days of play for beginners or for everyone in first x months per week of booster with lower rarity cards 5 commons and 3 uncommons like he suggest or something else.
11- Not sure about this, would allow people to buy their way into upgrades, with loss of bfp.
12- artificially raise gold prices for later progression might encourage a "AH alt", also not a good idea as players will probably feel pressured by very high gold auction prices.
13- not needed if 12 is not implemented
14- might be an idea, but will create much volatility with players mass buying useless cards for cheap to forge new ones, inflating prices or not selling those cards in favor of forging, pushing supply of those cards to nearly 0, making it impossible to purchase.

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