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New Map - FlameTD (coming soon™)

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Flame TD (pron: F@#! lame TD) is an economy driven, player versus player, tower defense map. Two teams play against one another in an attempt to decrease the opponent's lives to 0. Players will have to balance offence and defense to grow their economy, and ultimately overpower their opponent. Fog of war is enabled, to hide your defense strategy from your opponent.

How to Play:

1. Move the unit that represents the faction you choose into the magic aura.


2. Use the teleport activators to select and send creeps to your opponent.


3. Build a Maze(ing) towers



  1. Lives - Each team is allocated with 30 lives. For every "Creep" that you successfully get to the "Goal" area, one life is lost by the opponent. Strategies may vary, from saving up to send overpowered (and more costly) units, to spamming large numbers of cheap units.
  2. Income - Forget wells, income is a reward system which provides players with power every 30 seconds. Starting at 0, income is increased by a small amount every time you send a unit to your opponent. The more units you send, the larger your income will be.
  3. Kill Reward - Whenever you successfully kill a creep, a portion of its power cost is given to the attacker.
  4. Tower Defense - Players will have to reserve some power to build towers. Team strategies may be used to find synergies between the different factions. In addition to overpowered towers, players can build complicated pathways to force units along a preferred route. This will allow your towers multiple opportunities to attack creeps, making them even more efficient.
  5. Factions - Each faction will provide the player with orbs per the table below:
  • Fire:         32?cb=2009081923594632?cb=2009081923594632?cb=2009081923594632?cb=20090819235946
  • Frost:        32?cb=2009082000032832?cb=2009082000032832?cb=2009082000032832?cb=20090820000328
  • Shadow:    32?cb=2009082000020632?cb=2009082000020632?cb=2009082000020632?cb=20090820000206
  • Nature:      32?cb=2009082000041932?cb=2009082000041932?cb=2009082000041932?cb=20090820000419
  • Stonekin:   32?cb=2009082000032832?cb=2009082000041932?cb=2009082000032832?cb=20090820000419
  • Lost Souls: 32?cb=2009082000020632?cb=2009082000032832?cb=2009082000020632?cb=20090820000328
  • Bandit:      32?cb=2009081923594632?cb=2009082000020632?cb=2009081923594632?cb=20090820000206
  • Twilight:    32?cb=2009082000041932?cb=2009081923594632?cb=2009082000041932?cb=20090819235946

The Laundry List:

These are the things I still need to complete

  • Balance (in progress)
  • Update map to support 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 game modes.
  • Rework map's look and feel.

Want to Learn?

Source code available here:


Want to help?

I need people that can map test, and provide constructive feedback on improvements to overall balance and user interface. 

Special Thanks to:

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12 hours ago, Bkingn said:

How this project going? I would love to play a Battleforge TD game mode. :D


Last update Sep 22 so he didn't last long, however judging from the first post you would almost expect the creator to lose motiviation


Edit: Also Ultrakool pretty much rekt him LOL

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1 hour ago, Bkingn said:

So no chance to play a :bf: TD game mode. *Sad noises* :(

There is a PvE TD mode. Umbawabe TD, I think it's called. But you're on your honor not to play spells and if you don't use spells, you need to play t1 fire or nature (all other towers just miss walking units)

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