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Hi guys,

have been playing for a while now. I often play PvP sparrings to test new units. 

I always liked the idea behind legendary units, but I dont think they are viable in PvP right now. Their abalitys dont have enough of an impact for the power costs. 

1.Rogan Kayle is ok but could need a little buff.

2.Viridya should be a M counter. Cause she is a S counter right now, but she knocks small units back and then does not even hit them fully. So she does like no dmg.

3.Moons abality costs waaaay to much. While she herself costs too much too.

These are the cards, which could be very interesting if buffed right.

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Rogan Kayle should become a bit cheaper, like 70 or 80 power max, his attack and damage is decent but he's underperforming for sure. The ability is great but a bit too expensive aswell. Alternatively, him being immune to knockback could be interesting.

About Moon and Virirdya - haven't used them much yet, can't comment on that. But  I think the legendarys are too expensive in general.

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I like that Moon has L Attack, and in some decks without Nature she is the only way to heal -- after a battle consuming all the corpses. So that's pretty OK, she kills Viridya's Avengers pretty decently.

But IMO all of these human legendaries are too expensive.      Probably because of the free Orb Requirement

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