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bug 2 - Crash if player is in group, but does not take a slot

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NAME: Crash if player is in group, but does not take a slot
DESCRIPTION: How to reproduce this crash: You create a lobby with a friend. But you friend will not take a slot. You start the game without your friend. You leave the game. Your friend still can see the lobby and select a slot, even you already started the game and left it already. Once he took a slot, you crash.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I would suggest just to kick players out of the group, if they did not take a slot. It causes also other bugs, if a player stays in a group, but does not take a slot. Other player's who where playing the game will also crash (If you test it with 3 or more players)

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If one player sees a old lobby (which is another bug) and there is a free slot in this old lobby and there is no lobby open for the lobby leader and the other players, the game can still crash for the lobby leader and the other players. I haven't tested if particularly the bug above got fixed, but in general, if you select a free slot, in an non existent lobby, it can still make other players crash.

Another bug related to this one:
1. Start any game with you friends and leave it
2. Play a single player map. Your friends will stay in the groupe
3. Create a multiplayer Map Lobby
4. You will be kicked "Player xx is still im match"
5. It is impossible that Player xx is still in matched because you played a singleplayer map.
(Work also for Multiplayer Maps)

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