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Balance Proposal: Emberstrike

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• Card Changes 

Ability dmg 1100(1650max) -> 1300 (3250max) 
Passive dmg:  500(750max) -> 900 (2700max)


There is a general issue with current L units in T4. They have several downsides to XL units such as scaling limitations through unit & charge limit, L knockback, higher vulnerability vs burst, lower movement speed, damage loss as only a limited amount of creatures are able to attack one target (melee problem only) or the inability to attack air units (melee only). There is almost nothing that makes up for these downsides leaving L T4 units mostly behid.
The AOE increase for Emberstrike is supposed to open up a somewhat unique playstyle by using their ability more frequently in order to clear big camps alot quicker than before. In addition to that you should be able to spawn them alot more aggressively into fights with a massively increased passive.

I might extend this thread and add some more information in about 2 weeks (I'm short on time for now).

Best regards


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5 hours ago, Flrbb said:

I'd suggest to remove the restrictions of spawning without beeing near to a home base. (Half lifepoints etc.) This is more radical but would support this units' unique mechanic.

This was discussed in the discord channel too. I think it is a reasonable idea, but impossible to implement for now. 

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Summon on effect cards like Emberstrike, Soulhunter and Fireworm only really combo with Twi warfare and wrecker due to summoning sickness. Or Flesh benders........ and Second chance.

Not ideal....


Since Summon on effect is a fire exclusive because it's so rare, It would be more thematic to just give 3 orb fire a creature or spell that grants rally in an area as an ability like wrecker or a spell.


That or Pure fire 4 orbs or t4 3 fire 1 other orb etc.


Then if necessary, put an exception block to prevent people using enlightenment for the card.


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The current Emberstrike


120 power

Eruption 900 dmg per target- Cap of 2700 dmg on Summon. Has s/m knockback (This is Lavafield, Wildfire lvl dmg, except instantaneous.)

Ability Cone hit air ground 1,300 dmg per target cap 3200dmg for 20 power, has s/m knockback (This is a T3 spell dmg lvl, for 20 power, yes.)


Unit: Large, 3k attack, 2.6k hp..... no summoning Sickness. (With no additional cost)


So basically a walking spell card. A t2 spell dmg spell instantly at summon, a walking 20 power t3 hit all spell

in a no Summoning sickness monster that can use said 20 power t3 spell immediately.


Even if we buffed other units like Boom brothers Void maw etc, the dmg, dmg cap and ability costs need tuning, this is way too much value.


Look at how much potenial S/M knockback there is, and the dmg, woof. To give perspective, fire sphere has a dmg cap of 8,000 for 150 power, no knockback. Emberstrike has 20* 3=60 power. For 9,600 dmg cap, with knockback.


1 emberstrike has 2700 dmg spread cap, then 20 power ability with 3,200 dmg cap spread. That's 5,900 dmg spread instantly, and you just summoned a T4 large creature. It would not take much for this to cause issues as this is 120 (summon) 20 (ability) = 140 power only. Wiping t1 t2 units this way approaches Batariel levels in effectiveness.


And no summoning sickness, so this can happen at Spell level speeds instantly. You can now kill 4 Overlords with 6 Emberstrikes with no dmg taken using the 20 power ability and I would now like to point out all this dmg applies to blasting buildings too.


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