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WTB T3/T4 units

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I started on skylords about a week ago and my progression is a bit 'complicated', because I have not had much time to get ingame. But I've done all the daily quests and got some "cash points".

I currently have a few Tier 3 and 4 cards and to complete the "hardest" missions this type of cards becomes necessary.

So I decided to create this topic so I could try to get some Tier 3 and 4 cards.

I will not specify which cards (for I can not remember all their names.)
Just keep in mind that I'm looking for cheap cards! because I do not have many BF points!

If this kind of topic is prohibited (because i'm not puting some kind of list of cards....), i'm sorry and remove it.


Leave the card name and price here. If i have the points to buy it i'll contact you.

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i'm currently using a deck  with 

Shaman (some1 gave to me xD)

Windweavers, Spirit Archers

Magma Hurler
Giant Wyrm


Will be nice, nature or fire units so i can fit them into my deck...
but any color (cheap) will be nice too :)


Thx for the link, i'll try to make a small list when i get back to home!

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5 hours ago, nofearek9 said:

is lupoo your ingame name?

if yes check your ingame mail.

Is "Upoo" not "lupoo".

nofearek9 likes this

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