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2 - not assuming loot doesn't give gold(?)

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Sorry for not using the template - I am writing from my mobile.

Chosing "assign" as loot distribution method for a campaign mission. Then winning a game. Assigning some upgrades to players, but "disenchant" the rest doesn't give gold to players. (The box where usually "player xyz receives upgrade as reward" is printed, stays empty too)

I don't know if this is intentional, but at least in original BF you got gold then...

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Title should be "assigning" not assuming... Also not capable to record a video.. :)

Anyhow, using need/greed (with 2 players) and chosing to skip all upgrade (both players) doesn't give gold, too. Well, except that from the chests in game. Even after a restart the gold amount does not rise.

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