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3 - units target incorrect unit/building

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This bug is quite easy to reproduce. For example in treasure fleet expert, if you tell werebeasts to attack the first archers you encounter right next to the spawn at the enemy spawn building they will attack the building instead. Also in behind enemy lines expert, if you attack/snipe transforming mobs that walk around your spawn but you are being attacked by enemies right next to your sunstriders, the sunstriders will targets the enemies right next to them instead of the mob that is walking on the path, even if you spam click the mob on the path. 

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@pritstift you seem to be confused about clicking the building radius instead of the units. If you read my post this is not the case since in behind enemy lines there are no buildings on the roads. Also if you break a wall with medium units, and then you attack units on the other side of the wall (far away) the units will attack the wall.

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