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Remove possibilty to buy upgrades for cards with gold

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I am not very good with englisch but i hope you can still understand me.
My idea is that the buying of upgrade for cards with gold should be switched off, so that you can only get them through maps.

  1.  In the beginning i forgot that you can buy them with gold, so i played many maps to upgrade my deck, and was happy because for every card i did something, worked hard or had luck. :) Then i found the buy option and yes, my deck level up fast but it has not the same feeling.
  2. With this option turned off, you can assess player better with the deck level.
  3. You get III upgrade in profi maps, so its very sad everytime if i see a bad player with that card upgrade and only think that he didn't really deserve them (i'm not very good too but still ...).
  4. But with this option there would be some problems. I played ca 20 times a map to get windweavers and shaman but still not luck.
  5. What should be done with the gold? My idea is, that there should be a changing market like 1000G to 1 BFP?

So what do you think?

Best regards

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I can sympathize. I do believe upgrades should really be earned, a reward for your dedication to the game. Upgrading doesn't feel the same if its just being bought, it feels cheap...

I support this: 100%

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I think its good that you can earn the upgrades with gold. That way you are not forced to play an specific map because you can get Gold in every Match. So everyone can get the upgrades while playing their favourite game mode. It feels good that way, i have fun and can get the Upgrades i need.

Of course some ways are faster, but with your suggestion you would need to play an specific campaign mission if you want an specific Upgrade. Even if you hate this mission you are forced to play it only to get the Upgrade maybe. And not everybody likes every mission or even the campaign.

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