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Disconnect Victory!!

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Every victory I get disconnect at same time it pops up Victory. The exact same time victory comes up disconnect comes up. Game sound freezes and game lockup and has to be reloaded. Its happening every match now, I have dozens more pictures. Does not matter if I am in 4 player rpve or 1 player rpve same issue.

crash 1-min.jpg

crash 2-min.jpg

crash 3-min.jpg

Still crashing..

crash 4-min.jpg

crash 5-min.jpg

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I just tested and did not get any error.

can you please add _launcher.log from game folder, and C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\Diag\log.txt (this one is replaced each time you start game, so please the one from the crash)

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The Log file you requested along with the crash dump file from the same folder.  I don't know if its related but I found 2 large Battleforge Crash dump files in C:\Users\AppaData\Local\Crashdumps They are ( Battlefore.exe.4740 & Battleforge.exe.6656 ) This problem went from once or twice a week to every single match. My brother lives in the city 15 miles away and he is having the same issue at random. We both have completely different computers but both have 200Mb Xfinity Comcast internet. Any other info or help I can be let me know.




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