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The ELO system

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How does the ELO system work exactly?

As a beginning ranked pvper I only go against people with 100k +elo while i Barely have 30k?

Thought the whole point of elo was that you go against people of the same level...

I don't really get the logic behind it, could someone explain?


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1 hour ago, Hirooo said:

Its matching you by your base elo. Thats starting off at 100k. You are just inactive when you begin playing so you are shown a lower score.

ah alright

just my bad luck then i always go vs grey shields ;(

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  • 2 months later...
  • Everyone start with Base ELO of 100 000
  • When you lose, your base ELO is decreased, and increased for winning
  • There is activity bonus for playing at least 30 matches in last 30 days
  • You start with activity 0, so when you lose before you reach 30 matches, your Base ELO is decreased, but your ELO rating is increased

right now there is not enough players for ranked PvP, so no point in trying to tune the system.

But originally EA have activity bonus up to 110% the last 10% was for short period activity, we was considering implementing that, but because of only few players playing ranked PvP, we chose to wait.

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