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Tournament Turducken Invitational (Announcement)

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As I type this, this Turducken Invitational Tournament is underway!

What is an Invitational?

Invitational Tournaments are NOT open to the public. They feature top players who qualify based on some criteria, or are "wildcarded" (or invited just because). Typical qualifications might be to have an ELO greater than XX or to have won a tournament before, etc. Since we don't have ranked PvP yet, I invited some players that other top players recommended. It's hard to know who is active, and several people did not respond. But if you feel that you are one of the best PvP players and you want to be invited to the next invitational, just make sure that I know!


Who is playing?

Johnzyna, SaintStryker, RadicalX, Hirooo, Navarr, SunWu, TopS3cret, Raupy


Is there a prize pool?

YES! There is a prize pool for the winners, which will be split 50/30/20. There is also an additional prize pool for the most interesting game. IF YOU WANT TO DONATE BFP/CARDS, I am accepting donations to boost the prize pool. I will be investing at least 1/2 of my BFP for prizes, and we already have a donation of 500 BFP. If you want to donate, just send me an ingame mail in the forums with whatever you want to donate, and make sure to mention if you want this to be donated for the regular prize pool or the "best game" prize pool.


When will I see the tournament?

I will be recording tournament games and I will upload them to the BattleForge Creator's Guild once the rounds are finished!


What is the tournament format?

Swiss System

Rules for Contestants:

1.     There are no deck restrictions.

2.     Games are best 3 of 5.

3.     Pairings: I will randomly seed each player for pairings. Note that the seed doesn't really matter, because it's a Swiss System.

4.      Tie-breaks: If necessary, a playoff will decide 2nd and 3rd place. For tie-breaks beyond 3rd place: Solkoff, with direct encounter taking priority.

5.      Abuse: If the game allows it, you can play it. Just remember that we are advertising this as the tournament of the best players in the game, and every game is recorded and commentated. You may/will get hate from other players for playing "lame" or abusing something (like phasetowers). I will also be critical in my commentary if I feel you are doing something unsportsmanlike.

6.     Prizes: I'll donate from my own supply, but more importantly I'll ask viewers for bfp donations. Winnings will be split 50/30/20 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I'll also have a "best game" prize pool, where viewers will vote on the most entertaining game. Both players of that game will split a separate prize pool.




1. Starting map: I will randomly assign each as Player 1 or Player 2. Player 1 bans the first map, then player 2 bans two maps. Player 1 bans the final map. Player 2 chooses whether he would like position 1 or position 2.


2. Starting map options (game 1 only): Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro


3. Counterpicks: The winning player bans 2 maps. The losing player chooses from the remaining maps. Additionally, you may not return to the map of your most recent win. [example: if P1 wins on Haladur, P2 wins on Uro, P1 may choose Uro (but not Haladur, so it makes no sense to ban it). However if P1 lost game 4, he may choose Haladur for game 5]


4. Counterpick map options: Simai, Haladur, Elyon, Wazhai, Lajesh, Uro, Yrmia, Lajesh, generated.


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