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RPVE video series: common mistakes

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Hi everyone!!!

Since batleforge is back, i thought i would make some videos from my replays, especially to new people so i centered on mistakes.

Published on youtube and added text with the mistakes i noticed on subtitles (so you need to click on CC to see them).

This would be a series of videos, and any help or comentaries would be appreciated.

First video: RPVE 7

By the end of the match here there is a capture of my whells with resource booster (update 3) on them:FinalWells.thumb.JPG.4e4c9cf78cfd49c70997e9de31baac13.JPG

Second video: RPVE 9 introducing the hulk


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Subtitles do not work for me. Am i alone with this?

Edit: nvm reloading the video did the trick.

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