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2 - Random PvE 10 1-player map

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NAME: 2 - Random PvE 10 1-player map
LOCATION: Random PvE 10 solo map
DESCRIPTION: Random PvE solo map is broken. After taking T2 next closest "node" (or whatever you call it, circle with stuctures) is VERY close AND contains Bandit Walker and Flying-paralysing-drakes. They will probably respawn (didn't check, couldn't kill), and even if they don't, there is no way they can be defeated using T1. Player has no time to build T2, ad even then hardly can do anything.

Please don't "It's fine, learn to play/get better cards, move to Resolved" this post, Map-9 has perfectly capturable T3, even with common archers and some spells, and there should't be such ramp in difficulty from 9 to 10, from "common cards in numbers will do" to "omg T4 units will stomp your T2 orb in seconds"

2000/1650 Bandit Windhunters will fly straight to the T2 and walker can fire from where he stands, no way to even finish 2nd monument.

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Didn’t watch the replay yet, but from your explanation i can tell you that‘s perfectly normal for rPvE 10. Probably a bit unlucky to get the base that close but not unheard of either.

Pretty hard to deal with i concede, but definetly not impossible. Will probably watch the replay tomorrow and might add additional comments if the situation is vastly different from what i expect it to be from your explanation.

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Let me clarify. Replay is 20 seconds long so you can grab the unit composition, same situations happens not ALWAYS.

Other scenario T3 defender force spawns manageable defenders, nothing like 2 T4 XL units while player can't field anyithing but T1.

The problem isn't new, it stands from original game. The enemy forces CAN'T be defeated using T1, or require landing more like 120 population cap, several times in a row, player will run out of charges or out of power. Then next game of same difficulty can go with normal enemy forces, perfectly solvable.

I'm adding another level 10 rPvE map, compare unit composition and you will see what am i trying to tell, T3 is completely sane defender force.

Both maps are rPvE level 10, 1st sample has 2 T4 XL, while 2nd sample has small 1-2T force without T4 towers to make things unmanageable.

This huge uneven distribution INSIDE rPvE 10 map streak isn't normal. If you fix it, great, if not, i did what i could, thanks anyways.

Taking a wild guess, there could be problem in unit IDs, or camp numeration on map.

Unit ID can be read in attackwave.lua, but obviously i have no access to mathing ID and real unit type.


Atnother map, this time with problematic unit composition. Keep in mind that both maps are level 10, defender force is not comparable.

Bandit Shaman + Bandit Tower vs Bandit Walker + Tortogun + Deepgorge.

I can understand if you can't fix it, just don't tell its "perfectly normal, bit unlucky", no offense.


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Yes the difference in map strenght is significant even within a level. That is not exclusively so in 1 player rPvE 10 though. Bandits is by far the easiest enemy to face in any given game mod. And you will find close bases with tortugun and constructs in 2 player rPvE 10 as well at t3. Those you have to clear solo as well, even though you can get spell support from your teammate to a certain degree.
I would even say that the strength difference in lvl 10 4 player is the biggest though. In the worst case you get shielded treefiends and Lost Vigils that instantly attack your t1 and even if you manage to kill one they will simply respawn next to your base. No chance to even build up an army.
While that is an inherent problem of the factions and especially bandits because they are at no point even 2nd hardest enemy to play against, it is not easily solved and definetly not a sole problem of solo rPVE 10's and would probably need an extensive rework of the PvE factions itself.

About the huge difference in rPvE 10 to rPvE 9. I wholeheartadly agree with that, however i would say that 10 is just the right difficulty even in its current state and the hardest possible maps. It is after all THE hardest difficlulty and should not be possible to complete by just anyone. In terms of difficulty level i would say that the current level 9 should be a level 7 map and thge new level 8 and 9's would slowly ramp up in difficulty so that you end up at the new level 10 with the harder level 10's nowadays (close bases, massive shielded units, etc.). Obviiously thats more of a rough outline of how i think it SHOULD be.

Also about the "there is no counterplay" to this point. There and those are the types of maps that actually the lable of level 10. Anything else on level 10 are just joke maps imo.
Do you need extensive knowledge about Battleforge and how rPvE functions how units operate? Absolutely yes - and that's what the hardest level should require to beat.

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Indeed, the balancing difficulties. It would be great if this work was done evntually, not left for next time like EA treated it.

As a temporary solution, please see the screenshot, needs notepad++ and an hour of free time to identify, no idea how long to fix.


I agree with all this highest difficulty stuff, extensive strategies, level 9 too easy, still lets agree T4 extra large artillery units basically shot away at 2nd orb isn't an obstacle but a misconduct of lazy EA staff.

And then for years before BF got closed noone cared =]

On the contrary, YOU guys are great, big THANK YOU for bringing this game back alive!

Sorry for the off-topic.


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