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Karl Lavafeld

Custom Map crash in loading screen

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I wanna make a tutorial on how to make custom maps.

I plan it consists of a post with explainations, precreated scripts and a example map. 

I wanna make Map making more casual. I wanna show the absolute basics to make a enjoyable and playable map. I wanna explain some in editor things, and explain some basic scripts. I also want add some scrips as a template so people can basicly just take the scrips change some variables. In fact thats all i can do as well, i can only take existing scripts and use it modified for me, plus i last time did it 5 Years ago.

Cause i played every map and rpve too often allready. I would rly enoy some people would create some new Maps.


Today i worked like 4 hours on it but  the map crashes on loading screen. Maybe its a stupid noob mistake.

Im thankfull for any information. I did something wrong in editor or in script or both possible. (crash in loadingscreen)


Anybody more skilled than me willing to help me?


Kind Regards



Update :

1: I changed the description file then it worked but none of my scripts worked.

2: I changed the starting energy and void power  put some aditional wells and orbs now it chrashes in loadingscreen again. I undid everything. still chrash...

3: I started the map new from the start. It not crash. but none of my scripts work. (anybody did a pve map since only pak files work?) 

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