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So, im lagging alot, and i wish to know where are the server location, maybe it's because of this, im from Brasil, but i hope it' not because of this, i love this game and play this with lag will be a mess =/.

I have a good internet, take a look, so my internet is not the problem, i attached a ss from game too:



Command latency keeps ranging between 100-400ms

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Server location is in France. So it might be the problem. Although we also have some players from USA and it's ok for them. I can't tell you if we can maybe add clustering in the future. But if we can, we can probably locate a server in the USA.
Currently the majority of players is located in Europe (to be precise in Germany). And we're still in a testing phase where we cannot serve multiple machines. The game servers (the actual software) has first to be absolutely perfect without bugs and memory leaks before we can share/cluster servers.

It's going pretty good, but there's still a lot of work to do in the upcoming days and months.

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