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How do I install Custom maps

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I've recently discovered that custom external maps for download exist outside of the game, and have found many on this forum but they bring two questions to the novice I am:


How do I install these maps?

How do I run these maps?


I know that the Stress test says Custom Maps are enabled, are these external maps in that realm? 

Thanks for any help!

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5 hours ago, anonyme0273 said:

Unofficial maps can be played once you download the file (.pak format) and save it in Documents\BattleForge\map folder. They should then be usable in the game.

I just found you need them in the .pak format, so how can I turn a mapname.map and its folder into a .pak file?  I think this is what I am missing, then they should some of them appear in PVP or should they all appear in User generated content?

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