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No mail after buying a card on the auction house

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  • NAME: No card received after buying it on the auction house
  • LOCATION: auction house
  • DESCRIPTION: I bought 1 cards in the auction house, but I dont got the card. I lost a considerable amount of bfp. Restaring the game didn't help, I delete old mails and still got no mail. 
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I dont bought it directly, I bid it by buyout Price(the watch list is still empty), I had done this way before with other cards I hadnt any problem
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I never receive any mail, I am sure, in my experince when I buy a card inmediately recibe a mail with the card, in that case I dont got any mail notification  in my mailbox only my bfp gone, then I searched  information in the fórum and in the beginner chat channel of the game  in order to know if maybe anyone else had the same problem, I found a recomendation of deleting an old mail, maybe my mailbox was full, then doing that I would recieve the mail with the card, I deleted 2 old mail, I had the precaution of opening the old mails before  deleting them but didnt see any card in the mails.

I wanted buy a mountaineer card for 1400 bfp, its little cheap for the average price of this card, maybe some people were already abusing the bug (I wanted buy the card the 10 november at 15:30 pm aprox in my local time). I read in the chaanel chat of the game that also was a problem with promo card in the AH when I wanted buy the mountaineer card, maybe this date could help to the game developers.



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