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Not sure if this is the sub, but here it goes.
I just finished playing a PvP and my opponent accused me of cheating and said, quote, "cheater, you will be banned forever"
Since I didn't cheat and don't want any trouble, I wanted to save the replay in case someone in the future asks for it.

How do I save the replay and where should I upload it to, if at all.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Cocolysto replays should be put into Documents\BattleForge\replays after being saved, we do also have ways of checking for cheaters etc in our anti cheat so if you or anyone has done anything suspicious we know. There's an option to save every replay automatically. If you don't have that on, it will still keep a replay of the last played match in this folder. (however if you have has played another map it's gone). If you want to upload it and send it to staff you can try sites like Vimeo.

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